Pirate Stronghold and Standings

I mine in Hi Sec and the only real problem I have is Pirate Strongholds in the system from time to time.

My question is if I raise player or corp standings to that pirate faction will the NPC’s still attack my fleet when mining?

From my understanding, the FOB’s will attack regardless of standings… raising the FACTION standings above 2.0 for diamond rats however, should keep them from attacking you, but i don’t think this is the same as the FOB rats.

Thanks answered my question appreciated

In this introduction I hope to explain what the ◆ NPCs are, their basic behaviors, and why they can be incredibly powerful and useful to you when roaming around space during PVP.

There are two main groups of ◆ NPCs, the first group are the mining groups, these will spawn around New Eden randomly in systems and will be present in Asteroid Belts in the system where they will start mining the asteroids present. Eventually, the miners will call in a ◆ NPC hauler which will take the ore they’ve mined, and then warp to a station/citadel or safe spot if neither is present.

The second group are ◆ NPC response ships, these range from frigates to battleships with dedicated roles that match similar uses that capsuleer use for those ships. For example a ◆ Augoror will remote repair other ◆ NPCs from the same group or players with high faction standings who take damage, a ◆ Executioner will focus on tackling. The response ships have almost identical stats to a max skilled player in the same ship with Tech II modules equipped. Making them significantly more dangerous than most normal NPCs, and will be in fleet of around 10 response ships.

There can be ◆ NPC ships in systems and constellations where Forward Operating Bases (Highsec) and Pirate Sotiyos (Low + Null) are too.

The Response ships will spawn under 2 conditions; (I refer to this as ‘triggering’ them).
The NPC miners are attacked
A player with less than 2.0 faction standings to that pirate faction gets within 100km of the ◆ miners

Players with more than 5.0 faction standings will get remote repairs from logistic ships from the response fleet. (Only if spawned by the above conditions)

If any of these conditions are met, they will warp to the location where the miners were requesting backup, and will remain at that location until no hostile players remain on the grid. Miners will attempt to warp to a safe spot when triggered, and the response rats will join them at the safe spot after clearing the initial location they were triggered at. The response fleet will then guard the miners in this location until 10 minutes elapse where no further triggering occurs, at which point, the NPC miners will return to mining again.


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