NPC mining fleets standings

I’m thinking about hunting down some mining NPC haulers and disrupt mining fleets. But question is: If my standings with corp will go low enough they will attack me? I want to be able to mine and attack them in same space, but I’m afraid that they will drop response fleets every time I will try to mine with same belt with them.

Anyone has more experience with NPC miners?


Yup this is what will happen if you poke them enough.

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Yes you will lose standing towards NPC mining ops fleets to the point they will attack you on the sight, like pirates do.
Usual standing loss towards corporation is 0.01 or 0.005 (for joint harvesting), its marginal.
One L1 mission per month should suffice to have positive net standing, and if you make more… well… you can get one year worth of standing loss in about an hour flying t1 frigate.
Right now i use mining fleets to farm ore, yes they mine for me… unknowingly :wink:

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U mean u use the NPC miners to farm ore? I think the only way to get their ore is by blowing them up right? Or are there other ways?

Ore and they also drop loot boxes. Anyway I was looking more for fun than isk.

Yes i blow them up after they got full ore hold, when the hauler spawns. I do it with porpoise and i mine while waiting for spawn but with the amount of NPC fleets mining doesnt happen very often.

So when the hauler spawns, it means their ore hold is full. What ship is the hauler? How do you blow things up with a porpoise tho?

Well in depth guide will take a while to record/write, but generally yes - when hauler spawns (t1 or t2, its called impel, badger, mammoth and so on) it means that miners are approaching full cargo. its 5k for ventures 10k for retri and 10k for skiffs.
First hauler spawns after 90mins of fleet spawn and then are locked in 30 mins intervals (even if the ships are 100% full before that timer hauler wont spawn).

And here is a clip i recorded couple years ago, just testing things out and its not a guide or anything like that - just goofing around. At 1:10 you can see what dropped from the hauler, i killed him before i started the recording.

Right now i oprimized the fit and approach so its taking no more than 5 mins to kill ventures/retri and about 16mins to kill skiffs (they are brick tanked).

I think ill record a guide and talk about those fleets, cuz alot of people dont know this but miners also drop storyline meta modules worth 25mil, 100mil and 400mil. Laser upgrades. Even from ventures.

But i am afraid of ccp nerfing it, its so profitable that shouldnt be allowed in HS.

And another interesting clip, check out how much ore t2 hauler has :smiley:

EDIT: i know, clip is blocked, i removed the music from it and waiting for youtube encoding. :wink:

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Sorry, I don’t understand this part

Fleet spawns lets say just after DT 11:05 game time. First hauler for that fleet will spawn after 90mins at 12:35, after that it will spawn at 13:05, 13:35 etc.

Oh okok thank you so much. Is there any way to know when the hauler will spawn? Will doing this lower my sec status? And how do you not get hit even a single time? Sorry if I trouble you with all these questions :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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