NPC Miners are a plague upon the universe

This. Is. Ridiculous. Why can they all converge/collapse on the next belt together, Explain this to me?

i have seen a mult-corp fleet that size of all skiffs!..

Even if i could beat the response fleet, it seems that you lose standing with the npc miners until you are negative and they then attack you on sight (is that really how it works?? lol pls)

Is this supposed to be content? because i see people mainly ignore them just like the low tier combat anoms. Why deal with this when i can go ninja mine wh gas or something, or log out :roll_eyes: usually logging out


Yup they are meant to chase away highsec miners.What’s your problem ?

Why do they bother you?
You can shoot at them and not destroy any, then warp out when the response fleet arrives.
Most often after that, they will all warp off.

I did this and they were back in about 10 minutes, i also dragged another character to the system to avoid the standings loss. Kinda pointless, wastes time, not interesting etc. Best i can do is blow up the badger with a caracal quickly, if im lucky. If its the tech2 one then i cant. I also spent about about 2 hours trying to find a system without any miner npcs in them and nope. SO i guess its not ‘why I am bothered’ but why SHOULD I BOTHER

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If you’re having problems with NPC miners why not call the CODE. alliance to dispatch them?

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