NEW NPCS in NUll sec Super powered mining fleets

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According to my sources new NPC ships at least in some null sec are fielding super powered fleets that escalate from normal mining fleets. These are NOT DRIFTERS this was it seems a ninja update patch from CCP. So far ive got news of multiple ships being taken out… ANYBODY else have any info?

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CCp changed the standings on the new NPC mining fleets. instead of the NPC mining corps standing being taken into account it is now the NPC pirate faction standing that gives a positive, neutral or negative standing which gives you a response fleet if negative. Most people that rat their factions rats will have a significantly low standing to that faction by now and will be attacked by the response fleet when warping into a belt with NPCs in it.

They will kill you. Be afraid!! Be very afraid!! Run away and never belt rat ever again!!:smiling_imp:

(Anderson Geten) #3

next step they run in anoms, insta warp to ratter and kill it with fire .

It will be fun ©CCP

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It seems CODE. now has to compete with NPCs to keep their jobs or have to find a new niche? :thinking:

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CCP NewOrder implemented this.

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Is this new mechanic relegated to strictly null sec, or does it extend to low/ high as well?

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Yay. Another reason to stay out of null sec.

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Sounds like someone got a random BS response fleet is all. The response fleets have a chance of being frigates (most likely), cruisers (possible), battleships (rare).

These mechanics are the same across all security space as far as I am aware.

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