Nullsec belt rats and response fleets

I know response fleets come barreling in when the npc miners are around but ive noticed alot of times even if your just engaging normal belt rats a huge response fleet will come warping in randomly.

Is this new behavior now?

They warp in even when you don’t attack if you have hostile standings towards them.


I thought originally it was only if an NPC mining fleet/ships were in belt but there were none there prior to the response fleet for at least 10 mins.

I think they can roam around the place. This is particularly true for the cruiser fleets. They fly all over the system and can be encountered in various spots.


I will use alts to scare off the mining fleet and then my other alts can mine the belt and without the npc’s returning. The only npcs I keep a very close eye on are the Guristas.

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