Belt rats rampage in 0.6 sec

Soooo, i do not play EVE often, and i return to it from time to time, just to mine a bit, in high-sec, calms me down, you know? The problem is, i recently tried to mine regular belts in 0.6 sec and sometime i trigger some sort of event, spawning huge Guristas fleet on me. It instantly warp-scrambles me and kills Retriever in like 5-6 seconds. Lost 2 ships in 5 hours at this point. Noticed that almost every time, small industrial Guristas Venture will spawn, fly around a bit, and it doesn’t matter, killed or not, it will drop on you larger fleet. Am i doing something wrong? Should i change my place of habitation to a higher sec? Or just whenever i see this small Venture scout, i get the hell out from there? Last time i got killed was extremely painful, because i pre-aligned to nearby sun, warped instantly, but the fleet got me before i jumped. Any insight about particular triggers or advice? I’ll soon hit Mackinaw, and i do not want to lose it like that.

You might be in a system with a Pirate forward operating base.

Good call, gonna check it right now, thanks!

Yup, 2 PWOD’s (or POD’s?) in the system, thanks for the intel.

No worries.

get a standing fix with guristas if you can (I think you can with skills, just can’t remember which), as long as it’s positive they shouldn’t drop you unless you engage their mining fleet.

Additional reference info on how FOBs function:

(the earlier link is to a smaller/less robust version of the article - there is an embedded link on each page referring to the other, but this puts both links in the thread as well).

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