LOL @ NPC response fleet

CCP, what have you done? The NPC response fleet is retarded, and not even mildly. This is how shoddily you have programmed them. I had 3 toons mining in a belt, none of which had ANY standing towards Joint Harvesting whatsoever, neither negative nor positive. So, three NPC haulers jump into the belt. They are un-attackable to two of my toons, and show up as hostile to my third toon, so my drones automatically engage the haulers, and in warps the response fleet instantly, which neut, web, and scram my Skiff. So I kill the frigate that scrammed me and warp out. About 30 minutes later I get a notification that my standing with Joint Harvesting has decreased by .0001% and I now (due to social skills) have a standing of +2.6 with them where I had exactly zero standings before. LOL, from the simple act of destroying a single little response fleet frigate, they gave me more standing than I could have obtained by running a hundred missions for Joint Harvesting.

That’s not how it works, bro.

This thread is 20 days old lmfaoo.

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Yes, everyone else realized that OP is hopelessly lost and it’s pointless to post anything. :crazy_face:

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