Joint Harvesting npc's in a .8 system. . . not what i expected

so here I am, just warped away from all my wrecks Without bookmarking them and not realizing this until I turn in the mission.

so get in my prober only to find out you can’t probe down wrecks. but I did see a lot of joint harvesting ships on my scans(including d scan)

get into my missions Domi, and jusp into belt at a 100K the JH ventures all leave and I am assailed but like 8 ships, give or take 2-3, frigates and destroyers, amaar JH ships. No probs, I hit my micro jump drive and stop me domi and throw out some cure II sentries to make short work, Nope! seems like these ships are damn good with the mwd as my Cure II’s not hitting em. now I am scrambeled, webbed, and neuted. Well launch my Hobs II to deal with the scramblers and whatnot, they were targeted in no time, and I almost lost one, switched to Hammer II’s and this fight took bout 10+ minutes, and I am constantly pulling em back in when they get targeted. now all the frigs and destroyers be dead.

The wrecks produce no loot, salvage, no bounties and for the amount of work I put in, nothing really to show.
I really don’t think I will do that any time soon, but it just astonished me that A. my curator II sentries coulndt touch em and B. the overall amount of time it took to do this. my domi wasn’t in any real danger so tp speak, though I did get to 50% armor, but that was prolly more on me not paying attention thinking, that these aren’t nothing.

Any of you deal with npc ships like the ones I described above. It almost sounds like these F O B rats and defence fleet things.


Candy is in their hauler


You just ran into an NPC Mining Operation that was introduced in ASCENSION release

EVE mining. Just when you thought it was safe to return to the asteroid belt…

And now your standing to Joint Harvesting took a nose dive and they will keep harassing you when they see you. You should do something to increase your JH standings so that they leave you alone or even potentially help you out if you get attacked. If you do not want to improve your JH and Amarr standings, you better look for another region to mine in, or watch your dscan very closely.

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Improving Joint Harvesting on its own will not help, I tried. I have positive JH standing now (before skills) yet I still have a negative Amarr Faction standing. The JH miners still run away, the response fleet still tries to kill my ship.


my amaar standing is like -7. something, so yea

what I don’t understand lore wise is why they allowed in minmatar space in the first place, last time I checked min and amaar hate each other. so why would we let these slavers in our own space without the faction warships coming in and doing something about it.

other than lore, I also think it’s kinda wack with risk vs reward concept for this defence fleet. guess I will just stick to missions and whatnot.

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JH is a multinational corp. They have stations and operations everywhere.

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It’s unrewarding and awful content imo. I think they are still hell bent on turning highsec into its own respective area, rather than leave it as static as it was

Expect them to continue making highsec ‘dynamic/procedural’. This means more pesky npc that will attack you on sight for having low standings and more disruptive conflict-inducing things. Mobile depots, tractors, npc miners, and npc fob are really just the beginning and I would honestly not be surprised if guristas (or w/e) starts ganking mission runners and freighters very often. Imagine incursions that black out the sec status of the system and drifters camp the gates firing away. If you don’t think that’s cool then you better start packing bags and move somewhere away from highsec. If your standings are trashed enough you might eventually be forced to join faction warfare or get chased out by npcs. I honestly think that’s the direction things will go, but that’s just my opinion. They changed ship skill requirements, removed clone costs, removed standings grind for jump clones, added citadels and did ship rebalancing so it’s easier to join wh/null/lowsec/factionwar stuff immediately or relatively fast. You can almost always find somewhere to dock and make a clone (null might be harder if it’s not npc nullsec) I expect high sec will stay high security since we do need to trade somewhere at some point but I also expect if you go out making enemies (even if only npc), then you will find yourself needing friends


Warning tinfoil required to read this post

CCP have tried using the carrot to get folk out to null (bigger ships, better resources, more isk making options etc etc)

Npc miners, FOB’s and whatever comes next are the stick.


I think that CCP wanted to discourage those players who are not willing to be fully engaged in EVE when they play. People that build structures and then abandon them, afk (and bots) mining, autopiloting Wahoo (also name of a band I was in) who lose ships around gates, etc. They are trying to create an environment that teaches you good habits that will serve you well in any type of space of EVE: things like sitsuational awareness, rechecking flightplan routes, better/well rounded ship fits and tanks, and staying at the keyboard all the time and docking up when you need a break,. You know,the common sense things. Perhaps it may force people out into other spaces, but it is more likely that it will help people learn to play EVE in a manner that actually is more intelligent/safer than their current routine. Time well tell, I guess.


I think they should add triglavian squads to help fob rats out.Lore wise they’d just be coming out of the abyss to return a favor by killing capsuleers

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About the Autopilot, CCP added that to the game and their NPE Tutorial instructs new players to use it. Suicide ganking ships on Autopilot in high sec systems is strictly a choice of the player.

As for everything else, CCP is basically destroying the sandbox and replacing it with a scripted theme park. They want everybody to spend all their free time playing this game the way CCP thinks it should be played - doing PvP fleet action in large scale wars.

In the past that made game news headlines and CCP hopes to cash in on that as much as possible.


I agree with the OP, Lore wise some of those NPC Mining / Response Fleets shouldn’t be happening.

During the S.P.A.C.E. event, I warped to an Asteroid Belt in high sec, Derelik Region, to see Thukker Tribe mining right alongside Sansha and Blood Raiders.

That not only breaks Lore, it also breaks game immersion. Having total enemy Factions mining happily next to each other and the only time the so called ‘new’ standings mechanic kicks into action is when a player lands on grid.


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