NPC ♦ Joint Harvesting ships attacked my mining operation in Minmatar sov space


I would like to investigate if anyone else is experiencing problem I’m having with NPC :diamonds: Joint Harvesting corporation. I was mining inside Minmatar sov space. I landed with orca on empty belt and start mining. In about 15 minutes I was attacked by NPC :diamonds: Joint Harvesting ships which destroyed my Orca of course:

I have neutral standing with NPC :diamonds: Joint Harvesting corp, but as true Minmatar I have of course really bad standings with Amarrians (-6). My investigatin is more like if anyone experienced similar issue (for example in Galente sov system). Whole this thing seems to me really absurd and I rise ticket to CCP, but it seems it’s just laying there without any updates. I did not initiate attack, I know they are fighting back when you attack them first, but this did not happen. Does it actually mean that NPC AI is some kind of out of control? I would expect this could happen to me if I would mine in Amarr sov space, but not in Minmatar sov space. Did anyone experienced similar issue? Uprovoked ship loss, killed by :diamonds: Joint Harvesting, because of bad standing with Amarrians?

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Dont AFK mine?


Response fleet scrams. And they wasn’t even red, as far as I understand. No way OP could survive this.

If managing other characters in same mining operation is counted as AFK, than it’s broken. I was not AFK…

Don’t mind him, just another useless reply.

Okay, I can’t seem to find an authoritative source on how exactly standings affect Diamond NPC behavior. But it looks like faction standings will apply to the corps of a faction. And since you have Kill on sight standings with the Amarr, that extends to Joint Harvesting.

Now, iirc, NPC mining fleets are more likely to appear near where they have stations, and there are actually Joint Harvesting stations in Minmatar Space (don’t know how that works out lore wise, but there they are). So, even in Minmatar space, you can still get attacked by Amarr NPC’s.

Thus, my suggestion is to run a few missions and/or train diplomacy so that you get your standings above -5 with Amarr (and probably all 4 of the major empires).


Basically this. I have had the exact same thing. I have even tested mission running for Joint Harvesting to raise my standing with that corp over +1 … that does not work the negative faction standing always takes precident.

I’ll admit its a bit of a pain in the arse and I almost lost an Orca like yourself. Do you know what saved me?

ECM drones … seriously I started carrying these years ago in the hope of jamming off a ganker, but they work on the NPC’s as well. I could not kill the tackler frigates because they had logi so I aligned and pounded warp while I sicc’d the ecm drones on the tackler.

I was amazed that it worked but :woman_shrugging:

I would like to say that I am not against the NPC mining corp operations, I like more stuff in space to interact with.

I do think having the enemy mine in your space is a bit odd though.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
According battle log I have (fortunately I saved that) they were using only warp disruptors, so if I would know this might happen I would include two warp core stabilizers in the fit and possibly large micro jump drive. I have ECM drones, but problem was there were two tacklers so even if I would jam one second would still hold me.

I think that there should be some kind of warning mechanism in place. Like if I’m entering Amarrian sov space I got message that I’m enemy. If i would receive similar message like that than it would be more clear.

There is allready as soon y enter their system a msg pops saying they will kick your ass. xD also y can’t cloak on those systems as well

Did the poor Amarrian soldiers you slaughtered in the tens of thousands to get to a -6 standing “get a warning”?

What goes around comes around. Part of living in a dynamic universe like New Eden means occasionally your past will catch up with you. Or sometimes even not and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The unexpected is what makes playing Eve interesting. You don’t have to like when the unexpected finds you, but I also don’t think asking for the unexpected to be deleted is good for an interesting game.


Yes I warned them every time I was reloading my guns!

Well, to be honest if I would like to get more unexpected I would move to low/null/wh space. HS should stay more stable.
Btw :diamonds: Joint Harvesting is not operating only in system they have base. Yesterday I found them in system where were no bases of owned by them.

I’m not asking for removing or deleting anything from this game. I would like to understand better mechanism which led to this situation…

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i found this

Joint Harvesting was formed a decade ago when several agricultural and mining companies joined together to form one giant company. One of the largest raw material companies in the world of EVE, Joint Harvesting conducts a wide variety of resource gathering and operates both inside and outside the Amarr Empire

so, yea that “warning” you said you should get, probably wouldn’t happen since you were in your area of space, and the Amarr NPC’s left theirs main space area.

Don’t mine in a system with a FOB…

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It wasn’t an FOB, it was Amarr NPC’s operating inside Minmatar space not even in a system where they have a station.
Basically the only solution is to not mine within 2 jumps of any of their stations and since CCP have scattered faction stations everywhere through the other factions territory you get stupidity like this where you have Amarr corps killing Minmatar pilots in Minmatar space for having bad Amarr faction standing. You know the sort of thing that should get said corp kicked out of Minmatar space.


Well, it sucks that he learned about this mechanic by losing an orca, but I’ve got to agree with Black Pedro. I like the fact that actions have consequences, and that it is a dynamic and dangerous universe. I may not like loosing ships, but, in my opinion, this kind of stuff helps to keep Eve interesting.

This is good.
But anti Amarr actions having anti Minmatar space consequences is not good.
Consequences should be logical. The nation’s aren’t in open war. You shouldn’t have Amarr corps attacking you in Minmatar highsec.
Amarr highsec absolutely you should as a result of course.


0.5s have always been considered border zones. They are where the least protection exists, because of the tenuous location of the system. That’s why they are 0.5.

They also have the best ore. So it’s really up to the player and whether he chooses to engage in a region of space that is 0.5 for a reason.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all understand the progression between 1.0 and 0.5 and their relationships.

Next time, bring a friend. Orcas are not massive weapons powerhouses.


@Nevyn_Auscent you may wanna go back and read what I posted. and I got that info from dotlan. Joint harvesting work in and out of amarr empire. So yea they will go into minmatar space.

No, you are -6.0 to Americans which means you are a juicy target for them. If you truly want to mine in safety, I suggest a 1.0 minmattar space. Those would almost guarantee that you will not be attacked like this again.

On the flip side, if you want to mine in 0.5 because you are greedy and know they provide better ore, then, well, greed, meet consequences.


Sure. I know how the game works.
What I am saying is that it’s not a logical consequence to be attacked by an Amarrian Corp in Minmatar space.
The owning faction of space should overrule other negative faction responses unless it’s actually in open war aka pirate factions.

@Solonius_Rex This response isn’t limited to 0.5 systems. It will happen in any sec status Minmatar space where they roam near to a station. And as always. Escort fleets are not viable. You don’t even get static escort fleets in null. You sure aren’t going to get them in high.

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