NPC mining fleet changes in 2020? And some questions

I am referring to this post from 2018:

I think they cahnged a bit on that, can anyone confirm or deny that?

From the last 40-50 Haulers i killed, i think the loot drop rate changed quite sigifitely ( or loot fairy hates me )

T1 haulers seem to have below 50% chance of a box drop - for me about 20-30%
T2 haulers still have about 90% chance of a box drop.
This seems to be the same for empire and pirate factions.

I have a few question and hope to get an answer here:

How long does it take for a pirate npc mining fleet to despawn and spawn a new fleet after killing the hauler?

in this thread someone stated that it takes 90min from spawn to first hauler arrive and then 30 min intervals:

Is this still the case? to me it seems less often now

Additional question:
Is there any way to find out how long it takes till the next hauler arrives?
I tried cargo scanning the miners but the scan showed empty cargo

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