NPC mining fleets - stealth nerf

Since Lifeblood I’ve noticed a significant change in response fleet composition and loot drop value (HS 0,5-0,8).

Before, response fleets were mostly frigate ones, let’s say 80% of the spawns and cruiser/BS fleets were fairly unusual at 20%. Loot was varied, mostly only skins but ranging from Venture to rare Orca or Rorq, with occasional juicy harvester drone bpc or mining upgrade.

Since Lifeblood response fleet composition mirrored and most the time I get cruiser fleets with occasional frigate fleets and the only loot I get are Venture skins. Nothing changed in regard to my standings or system sec status.

Does loot fairy hate only me or is this more common?

Probably loot fairy since when I hunted NPC haulers I’d get Procurer skins, all the time, and I fly a Retriever.

I have never gotten anything good from these miner NPCs (in a 0.5 system).
The most valulabe item was a porpoise SKIN worth ~65mill.

Who can drop harvester BPCs? Hauler or miner?

Those come only from hauler boxes. Miners drop ore and rarely a Elara mining upgrade.

Oh damn, i didn’t know that they added drops, last time I heard anything they were empty except for ore.

Last time I messed with one they were kicking my “jump drive” all over the belt, so I figured I would just leave them alone, lol

I’m consistently getting the box drop from the haulers as long as I’m the first to hit the hauler / I didn’t hit that spawn’s hauler, earlier in the day. Most of the drops are the frig skins but I’ve lucked in to one harvester, an orca skin, two porpoise skins, two rorqual skins, various barge skins, and the 30m mining upgrade since the lifeblood update.

I tend to collect 5-10 at once and open at the end of the day at the same time, so I have no idea if that influences the dice roll or not.

Honestly, I’m nailing these for the ore as it saves me the time mining and I’ve got most of an orca out of harassing them already.

Most spawns are frigate or frigate/cruiser for me.

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Wow, very nice

I’m running those along with exploration so the ore usualy stays behind. On occasion I get 20-30kk worth of ore and that I usually haul although it’s painfull for a non miner.

Anyway I must have made it off the blacklist. Today’s evening wasn’t bad at all :moneybag:

Thanks for the replies everyone, they kept me going for today :wink:. If someone wishes to wrap a station using venture/endurance skins I’ve got plenty of those.

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