Issue with mining NPC Haulers

Today i made my usual constellation roaming to find an Hauler NPC. I find one from Ducia Foundry along with its retrievers and warp instantly to the belt.
This time though they looked red to me, they all warped without me aggressing and the defense fleet arrived.

i first thought my standing with Ducia Foundry corporation had gone negative but it was +1.4.
Needs to be mentioned that i m enlisted in minmatar militia.

It is a bug or intended with the new update?

If they follow that rule here’s the answer.

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Yes it could be definitely be an explanation though i m not sure this was an intended mechanic

Empire and FOB mining fleets seem to operate on the same AI so it may mean they operate under the same rules when it comes to standings.

Anyway not much have changed in terms of hunting them. It’s a bit trickier when you got bad sandings but same methods apply.

it changes a lot instead. before you could just attack and quickly destroy T1 Haulers (i even looted before the defense fleet arrived). Now this is no longer possible with bad standings corporation and factions so the number of available haulers is greatly reduced for FW players or players with bad standing in general (mission runners for example)

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Just killed 3 Guristas Badgers, 2 of those at the belt before fleet arrived. Time window has shrinked signifficantly so you gotta be really fast but it’s still doable.

Today i found a Guristas badger and warped to its asteroid belt. Landed at 20 km and before i approached it (with an mwd hecate in propulsion mode) the defense fleet had arrived. I aggressed and warped away before getting pointed.
The Hauler went in safe and i probed it. Did the whole “get the fleet far from the hauler” and warped back to kill him. The defense fleet alphaed my hecate from 150 km.
Then i tried with a myrmidon stored nearby…15900hp alphaed too without the time to online the reps.
My standing with guristas production is positive.
This thing is broken


Agression mechanics finally work as intended (at least how I think they were intended). Haven’t had a chance yet but I wan’t to check what will happen when I get red/blue fleet in one belt and I land in the middle :sunglasses:

If you want to blap the hauler at the belt you need to probe it and land on 0. Warping to belt will end the way it did for you as now there’s no time for positioning like before.

Don’t know if you’ve been able to blap a Badger at the belt with a Hecate (if so kudos to you) but Caldari/Gurista Badgers are ■■■■■■■ tough. From my experience it takes 1200 torp - 1600 med blaster dps to blap it at the belt before fleet lands and agroes. Caldari/Gurista will hit you at high range - baiting frigates from 100km works fine but I wouldn’t do it with cruiser or BS fleet.

If you wan’t to tank the fleet 15900ehp is nothing even for a frigate fleet (maybe you could try kiting) not to mention cruiser or BS fleet.

They also hate drones now and loot I’ve got post patch was mostly junk :frowning:


Well, to add to this, I just got engaged, scrammed and EWAR’d on the Amarr undock by a Joint Harvesting fleet I didn’t even see on the overview. I haven’t shot a rat in forever, and Joint Harvesting shows as 1.6 standings. Randomly engaged in highsec by roaming NPC fleets could be fun, but now they’re ■■■■■■■ with my wars, heh.

What’s up with this?

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Only idea I’ve got is that, since haulers dock/undock from stations, you were undocking at the same time a hauler showed up. It freaked out and called the fleet.

It was always a good idea to get blue with locals in EvE so it’s kinda cool it got extended to HS. Considering undock lag though it kinda sucks. Undocking with a small ship you may be in a pod by the time screen brightens up …

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Did some brief testing yesterday. Those guys came looking for trouble. Could undock, grid would be clear, then sure enough the defenders would spawn. That can’t possibly be intended behavior. I mean, CCPlz.


So… now it happened while I was sitting tethered on a freeport citadel. Joint Harvesting fleet spawned around me. These psychominers are getting rather troublesome. Time to roll back that bit of the patch until you get this fixed, maybe?


After 9 years of on and off playing eve, I have NO good standing with any rats, as I have mainly been a pve player, mining, mission running and building. Now I get in a belt and pop goes a Tengu. The rats came in in force and are very efficient at kickin the livin crap out of a player.
I can’t undock without them showing up, come on ccp really. This is a bit much, makes me sad I just resubed for 3 months. But I guess older mission running miners don’t matter anymore.



I think a bigger problem is that most players don’t know how to fix standing with factions other than running missions. In fact I believe it’s harder to fix pirate factions as well, if there is even a way other than to go to the npc null where it’s mostly camped as heck. So good luck getting in.

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Also, you cant lure the defense fleet away anymore. They just ignore you when you are outside of their range. So you are basically forced to fight them … with what? They wreck BCs in no time, so what should we use CCP? Marauders? Way too expensive to fight rats with ZERO bounty/loot.

I guess this is intended as group content, but its hard to find a group for it when there is very little or no reward (sometimes the haulers are simply empty). Why would anyone risk their ships in fighting the new smart rats when you can get way more ISK in simple LVL4 missions? Or AFK ratting in null. Or exploration. Or mining. Or …

The rewards for the “new” PvE content are just terrible. The rewards are the reason why players do PvE …


REALLY getting to HATE this. UN-dock form an NPC station, go into a belt, undock when an NPC miner is arriving or leaving - BAM the HUGE unbeatable fleet shows up. . JUST LANDING in a belt and the WORLD ENDS - Saw the flashes of red and had double sansha reppers on full 70,000 ehp and barely warped out when into 2/3 armor. Have changed my subscription to monthly from 6 months and am going to take a break when this month runs out until this gets fixed. i ONLY have 2 ACCOUNTS so it wont make much difference to eve, but it’s either move to hisec till this gets fixed or just not play at all.

It’s been fixed. Unless you have reasonably significant negative standings to the NPC corp (or -5.0 to faction) they don’t aggro anymore. It’s quite the relief.

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thanks, apparently I do. Even MINING reduces your standing to the NPC corp - and looks like I have below the -5.0 - may have to go to a non-sansha territory… thanks for the post.

I lost my ishtar, salvation angels finished it, however i have good standing towards them.
I checked my combat log, and i didn’t attack the miners , they aren’t in my overview, because they are blue for me.

This isn’t my first loss against them, i lost my 2 bill value tengu bacause CCP made a change and didn’t inform in time about it.

Reading my log I see their Arbitrators can hit at over 1000 km

Is it really the superior AI that makes these dangerous ?