January 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Mister Slone) #29

CCPlease remove chat icon. Useless and really annoying

(Rivr Luzade) #30

No, they are distribution agents, and the filter is set to “any agent”.

(Jack Maw) #31

So, you just locked me out from all my escalations for the day. Good job. Now I have no reason to log in. When you get rid of this agency garbage or add an escalation tab I’ll be back, otherwise gl with destroying your own game by making it unplayable.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #32

FOB miner fleets are now red regardless of standings (1.66 positive after skills). Miners will warp out and call reinforcements (that will atack) right after you land at the belt, even without shooting miner or hauler.

Is that intended new mechanic?

(Count Szadek) #33

looks like there are some agents that were not imported. To the list!

(CCP Paradox) #34

The Pirate FOB mining fleets will now accurately show their hostility to you, if they will attack or flee on sight. Before they used to show up as light or dark blue depending on standings even if they choose to attack you.

You must have higher standings than 1.66 with the pirates to not be seen as a threat when it comes to FOB systems. They will take into account the lowest standings against their faction also (even if you are 1.66 with them, if your corporation is -6 they will use this standing.)

Issue with mining NPC Haulers
(Yenna Mishi) #35

I was told in the Help channel to put my feedback here:

Regarding the now-removed Agent Finder and its replacement. Now it will only return a maximum of 12 results. It is not to my benefit that I am provided with less information than previously. When I select ‘Any’ I want to see all agents just like before.

Also, this might seem trivial but I would also like to see the agent portraits returned. Having a list of ‘Security Agent’ with their name in smaller font underneath is not better than being able to see their portrait like before. It makes the game feel less immersive.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #36

That makes sense now. It was always awkward that hostile FOB miners were just peacefully mining next to others.

Don’t envy player miners now though :wink:

(Rivr Luzade) #37

I have not encountered one yet since patch: If the attack ships, like Blood Raider Punishers on a gate, show white, will they attack me?

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #38

They show red.

Edit in response: We were talking FOB mining fleets in asteroid belts and to me they showed red. Haven’t seen patrol yet but they should, to my understanding, also be red.

(Giddy McFee) #39

Oh dear. I’ve yet to log in to experience this… Interesting update.

I wonder if CCP enjoying the flaming these days. Seems to be an absolute farce of a release… What the hell is going on.

I mean multiple times its been said about the limited shown agents for example and to my knowledge CCP have not even commented on it in any way at all

(Dant Perst) #40

Realize that the agency is an attempt to make the game easier and more attractive to Alphas. However, it is a total disaster for Omegas. The loss of the the agent finder and the Journal have eliminated vital info. They need to be returned to the game.

(Rivr Luzade) #41

How is hiding agents and making the search for agents making the game easier for Alphas? :thinking:

(Dant Perst) #42

Reduces the games complexity. Less they have to look for as they spend real money for ships and flashy mods. I would guess that most alphas are not in the game to develop in game sources of income… aside from combat loot. Doubt also that the complexity of the game us what draws most Alphas… in fact it’s likely what causes them to leave and find an easier game.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #43

That is probably the intent (tin foil hat) but removing working functionalities won’t make the game easier …

(Julien Brellier) #44

I do have to wonder what actually gets tested on the test server(s) if something as badly broken as this makes to full release

(Dant Perst) #45

Think back to what it was like when you started Eve. Now consider all the career handholding CCP has set up along with a window that provides immediate access to content (without having to fly from system to system to find something to do.)

(elitatwo) #46

They always did. Open the overview settings (on the right) outside of any structure in space and choose “appearance”.

(c4binfever) #47

Remove the chat bubble feature mother of god… it obscures people’s names in corp chat. Just remove it completely nobody needs this. Please show the number of players complaining that right click -> start conversation was too laborious. Many people gave you feeback on this on sisi but again you didnt listen.

Not only was the agent finder FASTER than the agency, it did not give me FPS DROP when using the filters, and i could actually select agent types. Do the new devs even play EVE? Stop replacing working features with broken ass pretty things. Maybe consider things that are suggested by your playerbase?

(Persephanie Mae) #48