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The August release brings a number of visual overhauls for ships, including the Navitas, Thalia, Tayra, Bustard, Badger and Crane. In addition to this, client performance improvements are also coming with this release, as well as the beginning of the roll out of an improved and simplified New Player Experience.

The Secrets Of The Abyss event also kicks off with this release, which contains event exclusive rewards including new mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters as well as SKINS for Triglavian hulls. Be sure to rack up those agency points for exclusive rewards!


Map: Players docked in citadels are now correctly counted in the “Average Docked Pilots in the last 30 minutes ” filter instead of the “Average Pilots in Space” filter.

Good that this also appears in the actually useful map. Good job there.

We’ve updated how events, challenges, and their rewards are displayed in The Agency, info panels, and in the Neocom menu. Players must now click to claim their rewards.

What is the exact meaning of this?

The Damage icons in the damage scroll are also a nice thing, although older than this release.

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I’m wondering, is anyone else noticing super long loading times for planets to load up when doing P.I. (?), because mine are purty bad.

The new version of the task list is not as easy and intuitive as the old version, and there are more unnecessary operations.

Is there any setting somewhere to not show any Agency/Opportunities stuff popping up on the UI in the future?

Its pretty easy to hide any info panels you don’t want

I know that, but they keep coming back :slight_smile: It’s like a sign of Skynet!

Edit. Looks like I’m not the only one with the Agency/Opportunities/Aura recurring thing.

Yes indeed did they fix the lag with agency?or whatever it was

Is this a known issue yet?

NPC rats are taking little to zero damage from drones now, and drones have stopped moving in space when attacking NPC’s. This has been confirmed by 3 of my corp members. Anyone else getting this issue?

Edit: OK so we’ve done some research and it appears only to be these two: Usuper Guristas battleship & the normal anom rat: Gurista Conquistador. The other NPC’s melt as usual.

It would be nice if someone else could comment.

BUMP Has anyone else had this experience?

It would be really nice if that PVE stuff like aura agency and opportunities could be disabled forever and never ever pop up in my game.

Changes in the mission list are too aggressive. New mission list is too awful,ugly and hard to use.

It creates a double torment in both visual and game experience.

  1. I don’t have a screen as big as a wall.The distance between misson names is too large, causing a serious expansion of misson list area.

  2. Sharp, meaningless frame lines and gray blocks cause visual damage and further squeeze the screen space.

  3. Previously, the player directly clicked on mission name to display detailed mission information. Now we have to click on a small circled question mark to get some incomplete information. CCP are really serious about damaging the player’s eyesight,and also persistent in reducing the information that players get.Players are more difficult to complete missions because they get less information. Especially when there are a lot of missions to complete. Path planning has become very troublesome.

  4. New mission list sometimes repeat missions name twice.

  5. The previous task list was so simple, beautiful, and easy to use. Why did CCP changes it worse ? This makes me very confused.

  6. If everything is irreparable, at least give players an option to use the previous mission list, please. Thank you very much.


New mission list is terrible, so much more bulky and takes longer to use which is especially annoying for those of us running a lot of missions at once.
Plus I just learned, holy ■■■■ the blink that happens every time you add a waypoint from a mission.
Other tabs such as Route and System info will occasionally minimize themselves as well.


EvE patch day. Same f*** up for some time now. Remember kids don’t log on patch day or you’ll be dissapointed.

What are you talking about I was watching Game of Thrones videos today, it was a great patch day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Parks&rec last season for me.


I’m a little curious about the new new NPE iteration.

It has the new player clicking on everything in space (rather than telling them to use the overview).
When you complete the first ‘shoot the seeker, then dock up’ sequence, it has the new player open up the agency window.
From this window, they select their career path, then select the mission.
NuAura then tells the player to click on ‘Undock’ in the Agency window. When they do, they’re told to click on ‘Warp to’, again, in the Agency window.
At this point, the player arrives in a combat situation, where 3 seekers will try to kill them.

The Agency Window is still open and taking up the majority of their screen.

They haven’t been taught to use the overview yet. They’ve been told to turn their camera and right-click on (moving) objects in space. Only they can’t see those objects because the Agency window is still open. And you haven’t even told them they can move it, and the Aurua pop-ups, on the screen. If they don’t stumble onto that, how will they know?

Having completed the 1, 1a, and 1b ‘Seek and Destroy’ missions, I’d like to suggest actually using the Aura pop-ups to educate new pilots on the Overview and Selection panels, more or less immediately. Combined, these are the single most persistent and important information and interaction tool players have. They’ll have it everywhere they’re in space.

Teaching them about this, rather than leaving them to try to do everything via the right-click menu (or, in earlier NPE iterations, the radial menu) gives them access to one-click options. You click on the item in the overview, and then you can click ‘orbit’, ‘lock’, etc. Right-clicking or using the radial menu, you right-click, find the option you want, click it, then have to right-click again. Yes, it’s a small thing, but it’s slower. And it doesn’t make sense to have them focus on that when the selection panel is right there.

They’re going to need to know how to use it. This is the tutorial. Tutor them. And tell them to close the damned Agency window. Doing everything by looking around in space is great… but only if they can see the space around them.


Ah never mind, i just needed to let all assets load. I saw the spinning circle in the bottom left hand corner and realized I just needed to let everything to load. No issues now! Yay!

Yeah, for some reason 1 of my 3 mains did NOT have Aura nag screen today, but the other 2 did.