August 2018 Release - General Feedback

Hello, found something confusing and frustrating for a potential new player.
I am an older player, saw the new patch news on steam, decided to give a try to see the new beginner experience.
Created a minmatar and went on to the usual training missions, decided to follow the Military career path agent 10-mission long tutorial chain.
Right after the 1st mission i was awarded a gattling autocannon I with some ammo.
Now, as a new toon, the char doesnt have the skill required to use it. I know what i need to do cause i’ve been playing for years but this looks confusing from a new player’s perspective.
I was able to buy a skillbook inject it and train the thing. took 16 mins.
This is normal for new players to experience ? To be honest it’s a bit of a disappointment, a new player can barely find his nose in this game, i supposed during the tutorial players should be given the basics and in this instance the associated skillbook and an injector to get them going and interested in the game.
Am i wrong ?

Also, the next mission in the chain rewards me with a Slasher, that i dont have skills for.
This is ridiculous.

New Agent UI element is terrible.

Takes up twice the space as the old one. Really at 1080p any more than 5 entries takes up half the vertical space. This is ridiculous.

Requires more clicks to do the same things (can’t plot a return course until you finish, or initiate a conversation with agent).

Blinks, Blinks, Blinks, Blinks, Blinks… Blinks again, oh here have some more Blinkage.

Aesthetically it clashes with the rest of the UI. To the point of being distracting… and then it blinks again in the off chance you had forgotten how ugly and distracting it is.

I’ve minimized the element and have resorted to using the Journal (not the Agency) to navigate, which surprisingly, doesn’t take much more time.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but this trend away from Small and Simple to Big and Flashy is getting tiresome.


Oh yes, indeed.

I like the re-design of the Caldari industrial ships, but why do they have force field drone bays? They can’t use drones…

The Thalia looks amazing, if that level of detail and model quality is the new norm, I can’t wait to see what we get next.

F for badger :frowning:

Running Team Burner missions with a Worm and “Drones in Local Space” tab is no longer controlling any deployed drones - I have to click on each drone individually to command it. Tried rebooting client and session between missions but no change.

I’m not happy with how the Agent Missions in space looks/functions. With that being said, did CCP even bother to run a few missions with this thing before deploying this patch? It is super buggie!!!

  1. All accepted missions showing up on the screen constantly blink as you fly around space, undock and take gates.

  2. In a few systems, the missions were doubled / had repeated themselves below the original set.

Wish I had screenshots!

It may look cool if you are only doing one mission, but it is WAY buggie and takes up a heck of a lot of room @DEVs! I mean, I had six missions just now, it took up so much of my screen i had two missions behind my local window (1080p with local usually docked from middle left to bottom left of screen).

Who did the quality assurance checks on this?


Well. Feedback: My client seems to have a glitch that prevents me to log in any of my accounts. I am trying to figure out what causes it. But I think the patch messed something with the client up.

i don’t like the new UI for mission.

I think the expanded one is cool for new player : more clear.

But i’d like the following improvement :

  • More compact list when it’s not expanded. I can’t have my whole screen flooded buy mission juste because i took 5 at a time
  • Ability to right clic : talk to + agent name in the right clic menu, since it now takes once more clic to talk to the agent (clic on the (?) then star conversation then only you can see the mission and the agent name
  • I’d like to be able to see which one are completed also, on the compact menu

This UI is excellent for begginer but a real PAIN for people that are running mission as a source of income.


Please killa Aura and let her stay dead. ■■■■■■■ annoying implementation!

I don’t want the Agency info panel at all. I don’t use it. I would like the option to hide it completely.

Hi Falcon, we have a little concern of redesigned Caldari industrial ships,

the links of our concern is at “ Tayra,Bustard,Crane Redesign

Please take a look or pass along to any group that might be able to response to this concern

…and rehide them every time you jump systems. Unacceptable solution.

Look, you guys do some amazing work, but you have to listen to the user base on this kind of thing. Concessions have to be made for players that don’t appreciate the plodding, seemingly inevitable dumbing-down of the game. The argument will probably be made that the new interface supports a more approachable NPE, but you simply have to respect the fact that new players, while clearly an important income vector, are not the only people who play.

I’m not looking for you to undo the work you’ve done. Again, the vast majority of the changes CCP has made have been positive. Just give me the option to do it the old way. I would appreciate a “pretty easy” gif of how to access that tick box in settings. Why does CCP insist on a Microsoft-style change by force? If this keeps up you’ll be force-installing Candy Crush Saga with the Eve client and calling Eve a “service.”

I run burners on 12 characters and I have 45 Omega accounts total. Take this as a piece of feedback from someone who LOVES this game: This change sucks. That you’re forcing it on us sucks even more.

Take care of the people who take care of you.

edit: played this game for 10+ years, this is the first time I can ever remember posting on the EveO forums and responded to the wrong thing. My complaint is with the new agent interface.


So is there an ETA on when we can get the old, superior-in-every-way mission interface back?

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Thanks for the thought out response! While I’m not directly involved in the recent changes to the NPE (and by extension, the changes to the info panels) I think I can discuss some of the concerns and points you’ve raised here.

This absolutely shouldn’t be the case, and its actually not something I can reproduce myself when testing this. The visibility settings for your Info Panels should remain consistent (though note, you have 2 settings, docked and undocked). Of course that’s not to say this isn’t occurring for you, but its definitely not intended and we can look into fixing this, it would greatly help if you could submit a bug report from in game (F12->Report Bug).

This is an often requested option for almost every change that’s made in EVE, and understandably so. Change can often be jarring when you are so used to a previous design paradigm. It should be made clear that we’re well aware that we shouldn’t be making change for changes sake. When changes are made its always done in an attempt to improve the UI for old and new players alike, make information clearer and easier to understand. We’re not trying to dumb down EVE and it always makes me sad when players think we are (but that subject is a whole can of worms and a personal bugbear of mine and is probably a better discussion to have over a pint at Fanfest or similar :smiley:). Regardless of our intentions though, I’d be the first to admit that we absolutely have not got it right every-time. I can only apologize for this and ensure you that we’re always looking to improve on our processes so that we can keep the disruption to a minimum.

While occasionally we will provide an option to choose between an old and new version of a UI or feature as you and others have requested, this is generally only used when we are releasing something in a Beta version that we intend to iterate on, and these options will always be a temporary addition that will eventually be phased out.

The reason for this is simply that maintaining multiple versions of multiple features is just completely nonviable from a development and quality assurance standpoint. As you know, EVE is a complex beast, full of interlinking and dependent features. This makes it an already challenging task to ensure that dependent features do not break when we add new ones or change existing ones as it currently stands. As you can imagine, this means that maintaining multiple different versions of different features heavily impacts the cost of development and testing. Even one feature with 2 versions (Such as the old & new Map) practically doubles the implementation and testing cost for the feature. You can see how adding more and more of these adds up to a exponential increase, especially in testing, as each combination of the multiple old/new features has to be tested.

I know that this isn’t what you want to hear, but I hope the explanation makes sense and that you can appreciate our reasoning.

The best thing I can suggest is to continue to provide clear and specific feedback on how the differences between the old and new versions of any feature negatively affect your experience, so that the team in question can review and iterate on it. Again, just to be clear, I am not personally involved in the info panel changes, I’m just speaking about feature changes in general

Thanks again


I like them aswell, but it makes me a bit sad to know we will never, ever see the old models in space again.
I wish the change only applied to the T2 models, and the T1 models were still the same, only with some improved HD textures.
Nevermind me, I’m just rambling on about “the good old times” even if they’ve just been changed.
I’m still very eager to see what they are coming up with for the Inquisitor and Tormentor though, when the time comes.

Its not about feature change and its not personal its about CCP forcing us into thosethings like Aura popping up every time I log in, telling me things i am not inerested in wasting my time by having it clicked away. I had an impression this game is for us to play and if we ask to remove something annoying there must be at least an option for us (customers) to disable it. Not asking for alternative just put it off like sound music tutorial etc. etc.

I mean, Kerlot’s post was specifically about feature changes, which is why I answered him as such. :confused:

I can say to your point though that Aura popping up every time you log in is absolutely not intentional and something I believe the team is looking to resolve.

For now though, if you’ve yet to start the NPE at all you can disable it entirely like this:

If you have started the career path, you are currently unable to do anything but hide the panel as I explained above, but this is also unintentional and the team plan to fix it as well

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