August 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Joe McCrackman) #41

Well i am playng the game since 2006 not sure if i need NPE or want to do it.

(CCP Lebowski) #43

Understandable for sure! :smiley:

In that case you can definitely use that option to make Aura leave you alone

(Xena Jax) #44

I understand we may not get a UI change on the agent mission stuff…but does the team plan on fixing the constant blinking it is doing? Also the doubling of missions?


I also agree with everyone else, if each mission could be closer together, that would be great!

Even better would be if the system location was shown to the right of the mission name. It should be “linkable” so you can “set destination” and “add waypoint”!

e.x. Anomic Team - Jita

(Yellowstar Smasher) #45

I’d like a better option for mission. They take too much space in the pannel, it takes more clic than before to talk to the agent, and i’d like to be able to see wich mission are done and wish one are “to do” without having to check 15 mission one by one…

As a mission runner, if i take 7-8 missions at once it takes my entire screen…

(CCP Lebowski) #46

Yes and yes, thanks to anyone who has submitted bug reports or given feedback for these issues!

(Raw Matters) #47

Sometimes I wonder what your UX team is doing for a living…

There are currently so many bad design decisions in the UI it really makes it hard for me to enjoy the game. And it always takes you years (literally) to fix them, and half the time they are worse afterwards.

Maybe you should consider letting the players design the UI and then use the best ideas for the default UI. So far all companies who did that actually benefit of it a lot. If you put a LUA UI in place you’d have thousands of developers right away from all the other games that did that.

(Richard Price) #48

HOW to deactivate that thing for ever? every time when login… it popup wtf…

(Black Ambulance) #49

scroll up there is CCP’s gif how to …

(Richard Price) #50

sorry cant find it…, can you quote it please.

(Black Ambulance) #51

same with Aura

(ChironCHN) #52

Mate, has our concern on the redesign of Caldari industrial ships with the thread of “Tayra,Bustard,Crane Redesign ” been through to the awareness by the visual art team yet also?

(ChironCHN) #53

they are both in action, seems bustard has a better shot

Iim confused either driving a combat vessel for hauling or the rhok has a larger cargo?

Feeling disorientated each time driving it with such appearances, don’t you think its bit of off its roll as a hauler?

(Exsosus) #54


Have a bit of a look at the Bustard ‘Attributes’ tab. You’ll find something called Fleet hangar which has 50,000 m3 with base skills when you board ship at low level skills.

That’s your main cargo in Deep-space transport (whichever race ship).

Hope I helped.

(So San) #55

Remove the bloomin Aura popup!

(ChironCHN) #56

The small cockpit in front gives the sense of orientating and efforts of hauling, rather than feeling like an freighterliner truck losing its head, and disorientated.

“Where am I hauling to?”

Seems like have a “frontal cockpit” really brought back the essense of its previous model, also give the sense of hauling and clearly orientation towards its roll when driving.

(Makavi Madeveda) #57

Hiding and removing are two different things. Some of us have no interest in your lame events or the shitshow known as the agency and want to see nothing related to either on our screens.

(Delecta) #58

So, I am testing out the new combat career path and there are some issues:

I started as a 2010 character with less than 100k SP trained and and only a dozen skills.

The boost to Spaceship Command 4 was nice
The boost to Social 1 was helpful
The boost to Target Management 3 would have been nice but I didnt have the skill injected, so useless (restarting doesnt fix it)
The boost to Long Range Targeting 2 (I bought the skillbook after activating the mission but before doind the mission - but did not get the reward) - useless

Gave up…

(Black Ambulance) #59

CCP please ADD the DAMAGE type icon to the Log and Messages. So people can have a look later what damage they dealt. Thanks

(Dyver Phycad) #60

Why do I not get free SP for the tutorial on a char on an account but on other chars on another account I do? Yesterday, I got some SP for the very first tutorial combat thing, but today I only got ISK and skillbooks on another char. And on another char on the same account where I did not receive free SP, I got free SP again. What is the logic behind this? Funnily enough I got free SP on the second char which has already done the full tutorial years ago, but not on the char that never even started the tutorial.

And I did it again. Any time I do the tutorial with an actual combat ship, I get free SP. Every time I do it in a rookie ship, I don’t get free SP. Why?

(Dyver Phycad) #61

BWAHAHAHA! Who was the dumb dev who thought that clicking to claim rewards was a good idea? How can you possibly be so dense to think this was a good idea?