August 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Jeremiah Saken) #62

It’s like they lack a common sense. The “Gong”, The agency, click to get reward, probe window UI, UI itself - examples that devs have no idea or don’t play the game at all. Worst part is, there is a person managing all this at the level of implementing those to the game. Is it that hard, when you build a bike to actually ride a bike to know what you can do better? It’s so simple to me that I have no clue what are they thinking about some times. Like CCP Dragon talking about something he don’t want to be a dictator…wtf? Design is bad, now there is nobody to take a blame because it was a group effort, fuzzy responsibility.

(Dark Engraver) #63

They play at pleb level .

Anyway I Am Pleased with this patch!!!

You didn’t break ratting mining or local chat good work also Aura isn’t bothering me IDK why must be some old setting I turned off I recall there was one in escape menu some time ago anyway.

(Jeremiah Saken) #64

It’s a shame what this company has come to. It’s a success that they didn’t mess a with other aspects while patching new content…

(Dark Engraver) #65

Yes I am proud of them

(Dyver Phycad) #66

Really? I should have maybe watched the stream. That statement would be particularly funny because every non-NPC entity in EVE is pretty much a dictatorship or at most an authoritarian ruling body. If that Dragon guy had some good ideas about the Agency or design, be a dictator and kick Hilmar and Falcon in the nuts. They need it. If he has no good ideas for the UI, he made the right decision to not wanting to be a dictator.

(Jeremiah Saken) #67

He posted somewhere on forum that “click to claim” was not his choice but events or agency are group projects and he don’t wanted to be view as being the “dictator”. At least that what I understood from his post.

Edit: and it’s nuts, bad design being implemented because nobody has guts to stand against.

(Dyver Phycad) #68

Truth to be told, I also have issues standing up against other people, but if something so stupid is suggested, especially something that adds an element of forced distraction and coerced UI interaction for no good reason whatsoever in an environment where a distraction can cost you your ship, I would at least give back a snarky comment on their stupid company internal slack. I don’t envy that guy who knew better but held back for one reason or another.

(Recruit Tessa Khanid) #69

this new player experience is the worst experience i ever had at all. it is almost as complicated as navigating this stupid forum that shows me five articles on a 26" screen

there is no explanation on how you do things.

aura: check damage…bla bla… but how to check? i asked in rookie help, no one knew how to do it

i should fit my ship… but i cant board it as i dont have the skill. well, i got the skill, however it takes more than 30 minutes to complete… so what shall i do? quit the game asap?

at the end it just stops. no reward. no explanation on what to do now, just vanished from the agency

the old tutorial was bugged, however, it was interesting and full of suspense what will happen next, ne new one is just outright boring with no goal at all and leaving a new player unable to do even the simplest tasks like using a stargate

(Uriel the Flame) #70

Haven’t tried this new thing yet, rather do it AFTER the bugs are sorted out. :stuck_out_tongue: But from the feedback here it seems this is a downgrade and not an improvement on the NPE which is a shame. Not sure if I will recommend this extension of the NPE if it stays as such so hope CCP will listen to feedback and make it at least decent.

(Makavi Madeveda) #71

All you have to do is watch the GM Week event to know noone at CCP has ever even undocked a ship in EvE before, much less played it.

(ChironCHN) #72

Seems after recent patch, the portraits of any item or stations any such has lost the drag in to link ability and also preview option in information tabs.

Seems it’s sure.

Well maybe not, it happens a few times tho, seems turns alright now

(Kuba Ganowski) #73

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(Joe McCrackman) #74

that plan coming soon or is that schedule same as with warping to citadels so we can expect it next year earliest ?
That aura popup develops a lot of hate and and urge to search for other methods to remove it.

(Mithros) #75

There are things that I like about the combat career path, but compared to the last tutorial, not many.

People are stalling out on the ship fitting seeing as how it’s easy to get ahead of the skill training required to use a frigate and the weapons that you are given.
Also, there seems to be an issue with this step just not wanting to complete. A lot of people in Rookie Help" having this happen to them. It happened to me as well, and while I am no veteran I have been around long enough to know that this shouldn’t be happening.

I also had an issue with another mission not completing because I did something out of the ordinary. I warped out before completing the mission, and I lost the “warp to destination” option so that when I was ready to return, I couldn’t (didn’t save a location to return to). So I had the mission half completed with no way to finish, and resetting the mission would not bring the “warp to destination” option back. It told me to go to the location, but gave me no way to do so.

Fortunately, I had other missions on the path remaining and I was able to successfully restart that mission after running another.

I thought that the old story tutorial was more engaging, showed a player more things, and by offering the skill injector not only advertised a product in the EVE store but also prevented any unnecessary delay in the process.

The new combat path tutorial is faster, so if that was the goal then mission accomplished, but I can’t say that that is better.
People may get “in the game” quicker, as if the tutorial is not a part of the game, but I think that they come out of it knowing less.

At least for the new players for which it is intended.

(Xackattack Avianson) #76

The new onscreen mission UI under Agent Missions is horrible. Why change the previous UI to this? Now we have a buggy UI that struggles to update when you complete part of a mission. It constantly has trouble folding out when jumping, undocking, etc etc.

I hate this with a burning passion and hope we can return to the previous, working, completely fine non broken ui.

(Exsosus) #77

Is the fact that drones are doing less damage to NPC’s now in belts / anomalies a re-balance or a bug?

(Makavi Madeveda) #78

Chances are they fired the guy who did the original UI and noone left on the team has a clue how it works, thus the bug filled catastrophe we have now.

(Jaxzar Tiberius) #79

I agree with others here - the new Agent UI isn’t helpful. Before I at least understood how to locate an agent of a higher level but now I can’t seem to locate any agents at all. Only tasks that are in the currently featured pane appear for me. I can’t find any other agents, particularly distribution agents. All other types do show up at some point in the currently featured, but I was looking for distribution missions and agents and couldn’t find a single one.

Also, the Abyssal Deadspace (not sure if this is update related or if the Abyss was like this from the beginning) is very unapproachable and unrewarding. Not only was I unable to open the very first loot box I came across (something about missing 6 Triglavian items), but I got stuck in the boundary / unstable abyss depths and couldn’t recover. I had the NPC’s under control and was trying to head for the third room when I ran into a boundary. The game began to lag, making my efforts to rotate the camera and find the conduit useless. I then continued to take additional damage, unable to orient myself or do anything to stop it. By the time I had located the conduit and was headed back towards it, I had taken too much damage and lost the last ship I could afford. It now feels as if I re-subscribed for nothing. Was hoping to do several sites with this ship and purchase more with the loot and rewards, but was bounced back forcibly from a t1 site with crushing vengeance. I am not likely to try again if that’s the experience I get. I’ve been playing since 2013 and have done my fair share of PvP and wormhole diving, so I’m not inexperienced.

The visuals were stunning, but that’s the only good feedback I have for the Abyss. The visuals were made significantly less interesting by the odd camera angle (which also added to the frustration of not being able to find my way out of the abyssal depths which destroyed my ship). Once I got into the boundary, the only way out I could see or find was through another angle of the boundary.

(Gaius Mileghere) #80

yeah could you please remove the “click to claim reward” thing, it’s distracting and forcing me to keep my Agency UI open, covering up the spectacle of stuff exploding.

Actually, I’m about 230 points away from completing the Abyssal challenge, so for me it doesn’t matter so much - unless you’re planning on repeating such events. Please, no more clickity clickity crap!

(Vulvona Ride-in) #81

I confirm your observations.

You can no longer fleet warp to your mission by clicking on the info on you screen’s left side. You must now open your mission details window to be able to right click the desto so you can fleet warp.

Also, no green check is bad.

And on my UI, many time upon jumping gates, i loose the System info and route info that appear on the left side of my screen.

But i m a big guy and im adapting without complaining: now i have the journal and mission window permanently open on my screen so i can easily view the missing info. Hence im playing a little more to Window-Online than Eve online, reducing even more the part of my screen dedicated to the beautiful visual effect CCP has created for me… sadly.