August 2018 Release - Known Issues & Feedback (Mac)

Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting known issues on the mac client.

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The August release brings a number of visual overhauls for ships, including the Navitas, Thalia, Tayra, Bustard, Badger and Crane. In addition to this, client performance improvements are also coming with this release, as well as the beginning of the roll out of an improved and simplified New Player Experience.

The Secrets Of The Abyss event also kicks off with this release, which contains event exclusive rewards including new mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters as well as SKINS for Triglavian hulls. Be sure to rack up those agency points for exclusive rewards!

Blackscreen on session change need to relog in order to have an active client
Undock - Blackscreen
Gate Jump - Blackscreen
error 2018-08-21T20:53:26 939 /Applications/EVE home-mac.home evelauncher wine “err:ole:CoCreateInstanceEx apartment not initialised”

actually - just retried … i think this is the error … which makes sense … throughout my life … michelles have ALWAYS been a problem

error 2018-08-22T06:56:05 285 C:\tq\bin\exefile.exe home-mac svc michelle Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times

Can I have my EVE back …

Still no Mac fix for the system jump/dock crash. This is what, ongoing 2+ years now?


Don’t think they can reproduce it; but if they can, it is probably tied into the POS hentai monster code.


Unable to log in on my Mc…getting an error messaage that disappears to quick to see…so i don’t have a clue what is happening…any other players having issues? this has only happened since yesterday…getting same on my Windows PC but it continues log in after unknown error message

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