August 2019 Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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The August release brings a rework of the system for enforced peace periods, as well as the end of the transition period for non mutual wars that do not have a war HQ.

In addition to this, the release of the Community Fittings system is here, with a small selection of new player ship fittings submitted by the EVE community and curated by the wonderful members of the ISD Team.

This release also contains a number of user interface, graphical and gameplay fixes that round out or second light Summer release before we head into the fall!


Known Issues:

  • Abyssal Deadspace traces do not correctly clean up if the player dies in abyssal space.
  • Missile / Rocket / Torpedo Specialization skill not applying RoF Bonuses
  • Cloaking skill not applying it’s bonus to target cool down
  • In the Agency, Destination Set button state does not update for Incursions or Signatures if current selection differs from location selected
  • Planetary Extraction logo on the Epithal is visible with the Spirit SKIN
  • CRASH: Clients set to DX11 may crash on start up on Integrated Intel GPUs (workaround: use DX9)
  • Structure modules and charges are missing their Standup icons.
  • The buttons for “Buy Skill” and “Buy and Train” are non-functional in same cases, if the confirmation message was suppressed by the user before this release (wrong information is stored in settings). Workaround: Reset the suppress option through ESC -> Reset Settings -> Reset Suppress Message settings -> “Confirm skill purchase” - Reset

long existing bug, still present:
Proving conduits stop spawning between 13:00 and 17:00 evetime. Sometimes they behave strange, like the gate not spawning when another pilot waits in the arena.


Who snitched? :slight_smile:
I loved these weird visuals, thought they were intended.

So if at torpedo spec 5, you’re losing 10% RoF? Pretty harsh, guess missile boats are gonna stay docked until fixed.


Anyone else noticed huge graphical performance drop after reset? My client 32/64bit is stuttering on 1-2 FPS, even in potato mode. From tweaking the settings I managed to get it on normal level, but after client restart it was back to broken. It’s literaly unplayable in the current state. Hope to get it resolved soon…
Support ticket of course submitted.


If you are able to start up the client and submit a bug report that would be best, then I will be able to take a look at it :slight_smile:

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If you right click on a system in the search results, Show on Map does not work and has not been working for ages. That should be fixed.


The tiny Flag icon for the running skilling spree event now has a weird yellow (or other color depending on the theme) box around it if you have hidden the relevant HUD section. The other icons up there behave in the same way.


Proving conduits are available based on the population of capsuleers in abyssal sites, this should explain why they are not always available, especially after DT.
Could you please provide further details on these “behaving strange” issues, best through a bug report with as many details as possible?

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That combined with the cloaking bug, I can’t see any bombers leaving soon!

Great , cant log on after today’s updates , fresh install still no joy win7 pro i7


btw, the proving condut always spawns after DT when there is very little activity and stops spawning about 2 hours after DT, and then sometimes starts again spawning at 17:00 Evetime to 19:00 Evetime, the rest of the day, there are no or almost no proving conduits, making them completely unavailable to US and Australian players.


starting a client from the launcher shortly shows the client window. before loading character selection screen the client crashes


Same problem with starting client from launcher … it crashes before loading character selection …

We are investigating this. It seems so far like drivers for integrated graphics chips from Intel are crashing in some cases, but we are not sure yet about the reason or other details. If you can, then it might be worth trying to upgrade your drivers or switch to a different windows version.

in my case, drivers are up to date …

Thank you very much for your bug report. We are currently investigating an anomaly in our stats, which looks indeed like a bug and which would explain your observations.


Does it affect XL Torpedo Spec?