August 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Thistlefury) #82

Secrets of the abyss still missing from agency, 6 days left of the event ! …

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #83

Please remove that damned clickfest in the Agency. Doing that in Abyss T4 or T5 is not a good idea.

(Chan'aar) #84

Oh god this PLEASE! ( @CCP_Dragon )

(Fluffy Moe) #85

Can we please get back the green check marks or some sort of an indicator when a mission is complete when we have multiple missions accepted ?

Also, you gusy are doing a lot of stuff that seems like just “fluff” while the elephant in the room remains. Nearly every game worth anything these days has scalable UI elements and adjustable font sizes. This is so players can prioritize different UI elements for various functions. And font scale within those elements so we can actually see and read when we arent playing on outdated decrepit crap.

The world has moved on beyond 1080p. Please help Eve online move as well. The scale setting 100%, 125%, 150% etc. or whatever else does nothing for font visibility within the UI elements. In addition, I scaled my UI up so I can read the text on my overview and chat channels, and now the agency window takes up most of my screen when its up. Not just that, but because it has an integrated map into it it takes loading time. This is horrible. It needs to be smooth, give us some sort of an option please to not have that map.

On the side where the panel is for teh dropdown mission menu, current location, agency, etc. those elements need to have their own seperate scales as well. There is no need for the current location to take up valuable screen space for example, it can be minimal. Whereas the destination path you need to be able to enlarge, for the players that use it to make jumps, docks, etc. instead of overview.

I’m on 4k and play at 125% UI scale, can’t scale it up anymore because some things become too large. Scale it back down and the text becomes too small to read. I actually had to bring out my old 2k monitor to play this game. This is how bad it is.

Has anyone at CCP ever tried playign this on 4k, and set up a destination path and tried to use mouse on the squares to manually warp to a gate or station, or citadel or whatever else point ? Its like trying to hit a single pixel on your monitor, or migth as well be. Now imagine you’re doing it in live game and are being chased by some people that are intent on causing you harm. How do you think it feels to try to find that single pixel on your monitor under these circumstances ?

Seperate Scalable UI elements and scalable fonts please, that can easily accomodate todays, not a decade+ old systems.

(Thistlefury) #86

Secrets of the Abyss STILL MISSING from THE AGENCY. You’ve told me since release you’re aware of the problem and working on it. Now there are FOUR ( 4 ! ) days left of the event.

Freaking worst developer i’ve ever come across. Shame on you

(Sylvia Kildare) #87

BTW, if you do what Aura wants you to do it’ll only take about an hour or an hour and you’ll get about 50,000 free SP. I did it on all 3 of my accounts earlier this week during a break from the abyss and now Aura leaves me alone + I have nearly 150,000 extra SP to use on my 3 accounts. Pretty win-win!

That new Bustard does indeed look a lot like the Rokh (and the Naga, tho without the split, ofc)… eh, that’s just Caldari design unification for ya!

(CowQueen MMXII) #88

If you would release reworked features that would provide the same functionality as before and work without major problems, this would be ok. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Today, I was doing some FW-missions. Some issues I had:

  1. planning the route is more work, because the right click menu on the mission name is gone
  2. mission list takes way too much space which is especially annyoing when you have to expand each entry to see the destination
  3. the mission complete marks are much more subtle now (the old green check marks were much better)
  4. entries are sometimes displayed twice or not at all or the list doesn’t expand - happens mostly when changing systems and quite frequently

(Chan'aar) #89

Quoted for truth.


Although I would also add “Do not use many more times the screen area” to that list.

(Ethan Meklan) #90

I found a bug at: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

There is no clone bay here.

You can’t set your home station to here normally.

In my tired state, I managed to somehow do this by right clicking on the station in the 'Personal ‘Assets’ folder and set to home station from there and it worked, I also tested out that I re-spawn there upon death and I do.

(CCP Falcon) #91

(Pegs Thiesant) #92

Having run a few Abyssal sites, it was fun going, however I have not really an issue but a question. Before any one trolls, I know CCP do not refund ships etc if you died in a Abyssal Site either by the rats or the timer running out. This is to do with internet disconnection when in a site, or just joining, every where else in the game when you re log you go back to where you were, if you just start a site and you get disconnected from the internet (power cut, net drops, some one crashes your party etc), if you still have approx 15 mins left on a timer why can you not go back to the site you were in instead of immediately losing ship and pod. I agree if the timer runs out then you die tough love on that one, but there is no option to complete the mission if you still have time to do so. Having this happen to me once it puts you off being able to run these sites if you live in an area with either poor or slower then usual internet (no trolls pls I have heard it all) as I live in the countryside not a city…

(Uriel the Flame) #93

Not entirely sure how it works now but back when abyssal sites were new people wrote if you get disconnected but sign back in fast enough you will hop back into your ship unless either the rats kill it sooner or if the ship emergency warps it does not die instantly. Maybe this was changed but if this still applies then even if you get disconnected you have a chance of getting back and finishing the site. Of course if it takes too long to get back anyway then the end result will be the same regardless. Just thought I mention this.

(Sylvia Kildare) #94

But you DO go back into the site if you log back in after being disconnected. Who said your ship and pod are immediately terminated if you disconnect inside the Abyss?

Or rather… your ship was in there all along, just without you controlling it. If you make it back online in time before the ship dies from the rats or from flying out of bounds, then you can once again control your ship and try and recover and save it. I have D/Ced twice (once in a passive/buffer Gila in a t1, no problem, once in an active armor tanked Sacrilege in a t2–and I didn’t have my reps on yet as I had just jumped into the 1st room of the site, came back in about to hit hull, barely saved the ship) and lived to tell the tale.

If it’s a harder tier site, however, even if you make it back in quickly, you may either be unable to save your ship due to the higher average DPS in each room (although it is random spawns, ofc, in each room of each tier of site)… OR… you may save your ship but now not have enough time to make it through safely.

Note also: when I D/Ced my timer was gone. Meaning it didn’t show me when my 20 minutes was up. Fortunately, since I had just entered the site in that Sac and D/Ced and manage to relaunch from the still-open launcher within 1 minute, I noted the time and knew about how much left I had.

If the D/C had happened in room 2 or 3, I may have been screwed just from ignorance of timing.

There is no e-warp in the abyss. Your ship stays on grid whether you’re pointed/scrammed or not.

I said in this thread or another abyssal thread over the summer that I thought a good method for dealing with D/Cs would be that if you D/Ced in room 3, you would “e-warp” back to room 2… and if you D/Ced in room 2, you would “e-warp” back to room 1. This would mean you were in a safe, empty room and wouldn’t die… but it would also mean you’d have to spend more time going back through the gate and moving on, so it would have a negative side effect as well.

Problem with my idea was… what about if you D/C in room 1 (like I did!)… there’s no previous room to go back to unless it just spits you back out in normal/wormhole space where you entered the abyss… you’d be out a filament, as well, presumably.

There’s just no “temp safespot 1,000,000 km from the point of d/c” inside the abyss like there is everywhere else in EVE, sadly.

(CCP Falcon) #95

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