How to disable aura?

Since patch, every time I log in I have this aura pop up on my screen. Is there a way to turn it off?


In the upper left part of your screen, just above the name of your current system, there are some dim icons that allow you to turn some of your displays on and off. The one controlling Aura is the last one and has three small circles. Just toggle it off.


Toggled it off and relogged, still getting aura

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Then you must hold a special place in Aura’s heart and she just can’t quit you.


Seriously, what you said doesn’t work. I’ve toggled the 3 circles off. It even says it’s aura. But every time I log in, if they are toggled on or off, I still get the new player aura thing on my screen.

You need to bash CCP’s thick skulls hard enough so that they enable the deactivate button at some point, like they did with the opportunities.

Actually, you can turn it of by clicking on the ? icon when you hover over the icon or open the HUD section and then on “Skip Tutorial”. That removed the Aura icon for me. You still cannot turn off blinking of the Agency, though. >.<

Why you hate Aura so much? She welcomes you each login and you treat her like that! :aura:

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Turn the opportunities off.

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Sure, try saying that after dating her for a few years. She is vindictive. Relentless. She constantly pops up where you’re trying to have some fun.

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A small clarification for anyone missing how to disable Auras popups (I know some in this thread have already done this but for the others)


She also laughs at you when you get podded:

What’s not to love about her?! :wink:


Is that really how Aura spoke in a tutorial version like 3-4 revisions ago? Wild… like a combo of GLaDOS and S.H.O.D.A.N.

The “?” in the corner is missing for me…

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Yup. Same here.

But, and this is disconcerting, not on all accounts …

Why introduce this crap in the first place? The NPE isn’t getting any better because of it.

Because not all you don’t like is bad…

I dare you to come up with examples. This one you lost already, it is shite. It objectively is shite for any player who plays this game longer than a few weeks to be confronted with this hideous pop-up when logging in.


Aura is part of the game and just you dislike her is no “proof” that your cause is justified it’s just a proof of your stupidness…

Aura died when they changed her voice.


lol no…remarks like this are ridiculous