Give us a checkbox to disable annoying popups about proving grounds etc

Why do I have to click this ■■■■■■■■ away on all of my accounts!??
Give us a checkbox to disable this!!! Why isnt there one yet?? I don’t give a damn about ingame events. Annoying af!!

The fact that you deliberately left us no way to disable this ■■■■ tells me that your goal is pissing off paying customers, what a great policy!!!


That’s because you are supposed to be enjoying this instead of anything else. Of course they won’t allow you to disable seeing the most amazing and awesome thing they added ever.

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@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora

I don’t know who to bug about this, so I’m bugging you. It would be nice to disable event popups. I’m not sure why you gave us the option to disable the daily login rewards and the agency, but didn’t do the same for event popups. Naturally, closing a popup is a mild annoyance, but it’s still annoying, and I have to imagine that it’s an easy fix. And it would certainly make all the people with multiple accounts happy.

Also, are they all that effective at increasing engagement anyway? I mean, you have to be pretty disconnected from the community, Eve news sources, and ignore the ads in the launcher to not know that an event is going on. I don’t know, maybe it might be a good thing for newbros or filthy casuals :stuck_out_tongue:. But for your more dedicated fanbase, it’s just an annoying popup telling you something you already know.

or who isn’t interested in arena pvp at all, which is not something that I started playing eve about.
Never participated, never will, but still have to click these idiotic info boxes away.
Keep that for eve echoes or smth.



Eve needs third party ad and popup blockers. It also needs serious spam blockers.
At this rate it will need tracking and malware blockers soon.

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