Popups in the new Launcher

When you start a Client now, there is a popup “Launch Process started” -> “Starting Client”.

This popup moves the button for the next client down. I know this is a small complaint, but this turns out to be very annoying when you try to start multiple clients quickly.

I didn’t really need the text to know the client is starting, the old version of turning green was plenty.

If you really want the text, put it on the side or something. But this is functionally worse than before.

Please reconsider this feature or improve it.

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I second this. Its cancer.

QOL please

Wow yeah you’re right that’s stupid.

Definitely something to take into consideration :aura:
We’ll see if we improve or axe it :fedo:

Out of curiosity, are you using the multi-launch feature for other accounts, or just plain not using it at all? I.e. the ability to toggle the accounts you want to start as on, then hitting the play button at the bottom.

I am not using multi-launch since the ones i launch are different most days. I mainly use the multi-launch to highlight between two different sets of character account types.

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This slight problem begs for a new feature: player-named multi-launch groups. “market / research / manufacturing / PvE / PvP” character groups.

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Couldn’t this be solved by launching clients bottom up?

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you are NOT WRONG

I was so stuck in my ways that I didn’t even think of that. However, its not optimal.

I used it when it made sense, I think its a good feature. Currently I have no use for it, but its good.

I recall this or a similar request coming from the CSM in the past. At that time not an option, but can now be explored.

We can definitely revisit the start-up progress bar, and see if we can negate (or minimize) its impact while starting up many accounts (while otherwise not using the multi-launch option for whatever reason :aura:).

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@CCP_Avalon i use the multistart AND hit fast some accounts i need right now. depending on how my charsetup i need now is

the button movement is realy anoying maybee just use a progressbar in the account entry background itself like windows have or turn it yelow while starting and green when startet

BUT i would like to have MULTIPLE multistart options! with multiple profile settings per multistart option!

say we you put 4 squares as an icon in the bar and we can check witch little square is on or of per account and the multistart button have also checkbox to switch witch of the 4 profiles we will start?

that would be awesome!

there should be a option to launch with fps counter and a recommended settings for your PC option in settings .

So, uh, bump.

This is still a ridiculous design decision and I won’t forget about it.

Jesus christ CCP not EVERYTHING has to take 3 years to fix.

Also while I have your undivided attention, if you take the ability from us to read our Sub- and MCT time via API, at least, for the love of god, add them to the launcher somehow.

And by somehow I mean don’t put them in our way where they are annoying when we try to log in.

And when you do all that please don’t break the launcher tia

bump l m a o

this another way of ccp screwing up the launcher but they going tell us they improving the speed but it doing the opposite sometimes think this game is cancer with the problem you get from playing it

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