Disable Popups for skill training etc

Dear CSM Members

After the victory of finally securing the option to remove the red dot(thank you to both the CSM and CPP for this) maybe its time to finally push for an option to remove unneeded or unwanted popups. I know you can set the tooltip to take ages but that then impends on useful popups like ME and PE on bp. The number of times I have accidently purchased a skill book I did not want when moving items around there really should be options to disabled the skill training popups in the menu.

I would be honoured if the CSM will consider making this a new crusade for better and more customisable UI for eve online the best sandbox game ever.

Thank you

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I think we’d all like some UI changes, but I’m also concerned about making major changes to the UI in a game this old given how vets tend to feel about those kinds of changes.

The popups that exist largely do because of things players have done that has resulted in complaints, e.g. the war dec pop up. As long as there’s a way to “don’t show this again,” I tend to think they’re okay.

I occasionally will have the unallocated skill point notification even though I have the notification for that off.

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