How to turn off skill training tooltips on inventory

I know that you can change the time it takes for tooltips to appear but I just want to turn off the skill training part all together. I feel like this should be an option somewhere since its super annoying to work around. And if not, why not…


As you’ve discovered, tooltips can be delayed but not disabled. It would be nice if we could choose the categories we want, and likely not a large development effort since they’ve already done it for notifications.

I have several industrial characters who build and transport items they don’t have the skills to use and agree the popups are annoying - especially when they cover something useful!


It’s true that it wouldn’t be difficult. But man, they are MARRIED to those tooltips! It must have been Someone’s idea over the whole project because they just refuse to let people turn them off. I am saying it feels like a personal pet project of somebody working at the top who can’t admit their idea to TOOLTIP EVERYTHING was not so special to us lol


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