Buy and Train tooltip

How the hell do I get rid of this annoying crap???


Buy and Train the skills? I assume that will get rid of the tooltip.

You might want to bump up your tool tip delay a bit. Press “Escape”, go to the “General Settings” tab, and look for a slider bar in the left most column.

Won’t get rid of them, but you can delay tips for a looong time

Tried that. For some reason those bars are greyed out. I can’t slide them.

edit Ok, got it to slide. Seems it’s just a real small mouse target. That does help but I would be nice if there was a checkbox to just not show them at all. I have cans with 100’s of items and mousing through those items with that thing constantly popping up was seriously annoying.

The popup itself is nice because it estimates the price and value. It’s that addition of the button and ‘required skills’ that make it a huge distraction.


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