Tooltip Popups Need to be Fixed

You all know what the problem is with the blue “buy and train” tool-tips when hovering over inventory…
Please CCP, get this most annoying feature fixed as an opt-in feature ASAP.

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While I appreciate the value of tool-tips for new players they can be a major annoyance for veterans and agree that we should have the ability to selectively disable them - same as notifications. The tool-tip delay in settings is better than nothing but has no granularity - some tool-tips, like hovering over the wallet - are useful.


It would already help a whole lot if they would stop appearing in the scroll path. For instance:

  1. Tool tips in hangar windows should never ever at all appear above or below an item. You scroll vertically in the windows and whenever the mouse cursor lands over an item that you do not have the skills for, the tool tip appears and stops your scrolling. Getting rid of that tool tip requires a whole lot of unnecessary mouse movement. These tool tips should show to the side of modules, or better yet on the edge of the window like they do in the probe window.
  2. Which brings me to the next issue: Tooltips should not behave differently in different window states. For instance: If you do not have your Probe Window focused, tool tips show up above/below an unscanned signature. The tool tip hides the probe launch button as well as other signatures. If you have focused the Probe Window, the tool tip suddenly appears in the much, much more convenient location on the outside edge of the window where it does not hinder, impede the use of or hide important parts of the UI. This incoherent behavior is unnecessary and unwelcomed.