Module tooltips seriously get in the way

I wanted to put it in Player Features & Ideas but I hope it will get more recognition here.

The tooltips that appear wenever you put your cursor over any module in your hangar/cargohold make even looting wrecks a chore, not to mention anything more involving. The “you need to be Omega to use this skill” tooltip I can understand - you gotta remind the f2p peasants that they should pay at every opportunity - but do we really also need the blue “required skill” popups? Do I have to literally skill up for every module in the game just to move items around comfortably?

Don’t tell me to increase tooltip delay to maximum in the options. This also affects things like turret DPS/optimal/falloff tooltip, and EWAR/buff/debuff bar tooltips and I use those.

Easy solution: Put an option in the menu to disable module tooltips.

Hard solution: Make it so the tooltip timer only starts when the cursor stops over a module(turret icon, EWAR icon, whatever)


I would prefer this solution above all else, These tooltips that don’t go away when the cursor leaves the module icon are really annoying, and are almost always exactly there where your moused moves next and where you actually need to click or want to see something.

Oh yes, one of the many little annoyances in eve… I wish this would be adressed.

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