One UI option would really make me happy

I wish so badly that we could turn off the stupid tooltips in windows. Almost nobody really relies on them and they continually get in the way of reading and clicking. Seriously, this one QoL change would make me hate Photon a lot less.


The toolips are useful but they should pop up in the bottom right instead of where the curser is

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Is this what you’re referring to?

Or perhaps this is what you mean:


Imo these ones are slightly annoying. There are others but i forgot which.

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Hmm, I actually use that to know how much sp I’ve dumped into a particular subset of skills. But yeah, I could see why someone might want to disable it.

I like the tooltips but when they pop up at the curser they can be a nuisance. They should pop up in the bottom right or something. World of Warcraft does it like this. Tooltips allways in the bottom right, and it works great. Maybe there is a better place than the bottom right in EVE online because the UI is different? But having them pop up at the curser is annoying alot of the time kek


If they were separated from the cursor, they’d be locked to a ui element like everything else. Which means you’d be able to place it where you’d want.

I personally don’t mind it being near the cursor. But I wouldn’t be opposed to there being an option to either change the location like you suggest, or disabling them all together like the op desires.

It’s really useful. Too bad it don’t pop up further away from the mouse.

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I had just gotten use to how annoying it was but when you think about it they really are all over the place and some of them are kinda uselss as well. Like for example these?

I mean those are tooltips that just repeat text you hover over. Tooltips online

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About repeating readily available info.
How about BIG TEXT in the middle of the screen that reads exactly what Aura says " Warp Drive, Active" or the actions that you command your ship to do? ORBITING 10km no shiit Sherlock.
Unimportant information trashing all over the screen while the important information you don’t even need to be logged in to get can be found in a internet browser.

It’s a generic tooltip. It gives useful info when you use it in the inventory, but obviously less useful in the window you’re displaying there. Could be disabled for the assets window I suppose.

This is fine, because it does not obstruct anything and gives actually useful information.

This, on the other hand, is one of the most frustrating tooltips in EVE. Not only does it tell you barely anything useful, it also obstructs scrolling and viewing items above, and you have to move the mouse out of the way of this tooltip to make it go away, which forces a lot of unnecessary mouse movement.

Its the second one. MADDENING.

I think they do that stuff on purpose. There’s no way they’re that dumb.

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Most people at CCP has “quiet quit” it seems

Thats why among other things its a waste of time to post about these things if you are hoping for them to get improved. But i cant help myself at the moment:

So heres is yet another issue since we are talking about minor annoyances. The buttons in the station panel are very small. But also there is a Fitting button, but that button is also on the Neocom. There is Market button but that button is also on the Neocom. Why not remove these superfluous buttons on the station panel and make the remaining ones larger?

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