Please bring back the Tool Tip

For those who don’t know, with one of the recent patches, CCP removed a very useful Tool called a Tooltip, ( a box of text that pops up when you hover your mouse ). I cannot over state how important this tool was for Laptop players such as myself.

When playing on a laptop screen space is at a premium, ( local chat, dscan, probe scanner, fleet window ect.) and this tool was incredibly useful for moving around in space, ( e.g. you could set a destination and check route to see if you passed through low/nullsec or other unwanted areas ) while still having the buttons you want to see constantly on, (such as system name).

There are currently 6 buttons on the top left which no longer show the tooltip, so you either have to have them all open if you use them all, ( and resize your overview to match, reducing usability of those functions ) or toggle each one individually to check it.

Not only do you have to toggle them, but you have to toggle them sequentially( There is an order of preference in how they appear on your screen, the last one clicked does not appear on top). For example, if you only have space for one drop down menu at the top, and have your system name open, you have to close that to see your route, and you would have to close your route to see the daily login rewards, This is a lot of unnecessary clicking.

I find it hard to imagine that removing useful tool saved dev time or was causing problems and actually needed to be taken out. The tooltip is still in game, please restore its functionality to minimized buttons on the top left as its vital for laptop users with limited screen space…


I still have tooltips. are you sure you didn’t just turn up the Tooltip Delay in options to “Long” or something?

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