Suggestion: more tooltips settings

Currently only 1 setting applies to all sorts of tooltips: waypoints, modules in fitting window, items in containers, stations buttons, etc… they are all affected by the same slider in the General Settings window.

Problem: you cannot disable* one tooltip without disabling all the others. For example I want to get rid of the tooltips for items in containers because they make transfering items a real pain but if I do that, I will not be able to use other tooltips that I find very useful, like the waypoints tooltips.

Suggestion: implement several sliders that each apply to a specific set of tooltips so that we can disable certain tooltips and keep the others at the same time.


*Apart from module tooltips in space that have their own settings, you cannot properly disable tooltips, you can only make them very slow (slider set to “long”), but the result is effectively the same.


Don’t take this the wrong way but good ideas are so rare and far in between, so whenever a good idea passes my checklist, you can call me surprised.

The checklist goes as follows:

  • Does it brake EVE? - nope - check!
  • Has this been proposed before and shut down? - nope - check!
  • Does is benefit EVE and make our lives better? - yes - check!

No objections here and yes, it is a good idea!


good idea

:red_circle: Indeed, very good. And I would add another setting to that list:

Just like with the Notification widget where you can change the position where the window appears, you should also be able to change and fixate the position where tooltips appear. I still think it is atrocious that tooltips in hangars appear above/below an item although scrolling up/down is the most prevalent thing you do in a hangar. These tooltips prevent that.
Same goes for the Probe Window. Here tooltips appear above/below a signature list entry if the window is not focused, which prevents scrolling and selecting other list items and even probes itself. However, when the Probe Window is focused, these tooltips appear outside the window on the window edge. I want this behavior to be used everywhere all the time.

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