Tooltip Popups Need to be Fixed

I’ve seen a few topics about this but they are all closed. Tooltip popups in the inventory are fine when they are small such as popups displaying the name and value of items but i don’t want or need to see a big blue ‘TRAIN SKILL’ button in my inventory blocking items I’m trying to select. I have already turned my tooltip delay to the max but that is NOT A SOLUTION!

I know this has been an issue for many players for more than 2 years now and it baffles me that CCP would just ignore this blatantly annoying and unnecessary UI design flaw.

Please for the love of all that is holy just add an option to turn off the skill training prompts or an option that would stop the game from checking if i have the skill requirements, therefore reverting the tooltip to the smaller less intrusive version. I most likely know i don’t have those skills and don’t want to train them and if, in the future, i decide i do want to train said skills i can just look at the requirements in the info window for whatever ship/module i am looking at. just please remove that big blue button from my inventory screen. that s*** annoying af.


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