Option to disable "Buy and train" pop ups for market alts

This has probably been requested before, but an option to disable the pop ups you get when you hover over a module you aren’t trained for would be amazing. My market alt is never going to be able to use much of the items it buys and sells, all the pop up does is add yet another thing to misclick.

It’s great for a character that isn’t dedicated as a market alt, but for market alts it’s just inconvenient.

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Clearly we need to disable market alts then.

Pop ups?

Do you mean tool tips? Cause you can delay them.

i find the idea good. tooltip delay is not realy an solution, because its delay every tooltip too.

In my perfect world, CCP would give us the same flexibility to manage tooltips they give us for notifications. As useful as they may be for new players, most of them are a pain in the A$$ for veterans. I understand that giving us the option to turn stuff off can be difficult to retrofit but it’s easy to build into the initial design (red dot, I’m thinking of you)!

For an idea of how tooltip management should look:

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