Chat bubbles are gone! Next? This annoyance; Item popups


(EveDataRules) #1

Please make the item popup dialog an option to turn off or move the train skill button into to a column.

I am trying to sell items and this damn popup dialog just keeps getting in the way.

Est. Price is already a column, I don’t need it in my face. I don’t need to train the skill either.

(AnneHerk) #2

Not to mention it stops you rolling-over/clicking on items above it as it thinks you are mousing over the popup
Agree something needs to be done, not sure a new column is the answer though

(mkint) #3

Don’t expect this one to change. It was obviously bad before it went live and they did it anyway. For some reason CCP loves terrible UI.

(EveDataRules) #4

I know right?! Also when this happens…

(Dyver Phycad) #5

These popups are really annoying. You can mitigate that by increasing the time until popups appear, but that also increases the time until useful popups show up, like weapon tooltips. I don’t understand why these popups don’t appear on the side. From my personal experience, I always go up or down in a list in EVE, never sideways. Popups appearing above/below the hovered over entry block you from doing what you want to do.

(Anderson Geten) #6

this ^ would be a nice fix.
put the tooltip left, or right if no enough room.

(system) #7

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