Enough with the Abyssal events

Why are you spamming us with these tournament events, of the actual player counts that dont use multi box accounts it doesnt mean anything to us, how many can actually afford to lose ships right out of the gate unless your fully funded or in an alliance that runs that stuff.
so please guys, dial it down some?

Dont mean to rant or complain but its really annoying when the popup for this even or that even suddenly appears mid flight now.


Yeah, I don’t care about events either, not until I skill way up like… 6 months from now.
I haven’t seen any popups while travelling and I hope I don’t, don’t need to be spammed during gameplay.

While I’m pretty sure they’ve dropped their e-sport ambitions by now considering the only time an EVE Twitch stream gets more than 17 viewers is when someone starts raging after being ganked, CCP kind of killed off most of the game’s PvP, so they’re pushing their arena as one of their band-aid solutions to keep the economy at least somewhat functional.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is be a good goy and go and do some of those arenas, or CCP might be forced to put new NPCs into the game that basically insta-gib you on high-sec station undocks.

No mommy, no!

I totally agree with the op, it makes little sense to waste money in these arenas, unless you multibox or sponsored.

BUT, I’m not against it, I think people who enjoy it has the right to keep enjoying it. And that’s all I’m going to say, I’m trying HARD to be positive.

arenas are a theorycraft paradise full of highly specialized ships according to the current rules
totally different from LS pvp for example were people fly ships good for several different kinds of encounters
most of the really good arena pilots come from corps the were good in the alliance tournament because there is a resemblance between the two events
that said i love the arena , not to do it , i get my ass kicked a lot and i participate in them once in a blue moon , but because before they exist a LOT of carebears used to say that eve don’t have “fair” fights and in the arena they will finally enjoy PVP , and i said since the first moment , NO CARBEAR will put his finger in the arena

go have a fair fight in the arena folks , there is no gankers there



Also, initial programing of the arena might have taken a decent amount of dev time, but making new arena events probably requires very little. Thus, CCP probably gets a large bang for their buck from them even if a lot of players don’t engage with it.

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They can fix that by applying a random chance to be dropped in an arena every time you undock (based on ship class, of course).


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