Aura is Missing

I seemed to have X’d out Aura in the tutorial mode. And I’m hoping somebody can direct me into putting her back on until I get better aquainted with the game. Plus I kinda like her monotone droll… lol

Gee I don’t know but you could probably get rich selling the information to make her go away to vets :wink:

Seriously you might try ingame in the help channel or posting in the new Citizen Forum:

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I clicked the X I think and poof she was gone… lol

Exactly, if you want you can close the tutorial temporarily - click on the objectives of the tutorial (upper left screen) and she will show up again.

(at least it used to be like this.…)

yup, I logged off for a bit and logged back on and Bingo!
Thanks for helping, I don’t care what they say…
Yer Awesome

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