Well, I fu**ed up

So i clicked on close tutorial because it was too easy, and also i tough only that part of the turorial and not the whole tutorial would close, and now i’m in the middle of the space without understanding nothing that happens, should i search a corporation to help me?Hoe i get the tutorial back?

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i am not sure if this is possible
you have a corp channel and a rookie help channel to chat with others … ask in the rookie help … usually there are guys who want to help you

good luck


Did you actually skip the tutorial completely or just close Aura?

If you just closed her interface, you can re-open it and continue the tutorial by pressing the 3 dots in a triangle icon in the top left area of the screen, near the Sun symbol, the A icon and the word Route.

Skipping it requires confirmation if I remember right and you would know you are skipping the whole thing. If you did that you cannot change your mind.

You are automatically a member of Rookie Help chat for your first 30 days, so they are your only hope (that and Google). There are usually some good people in Rookie Help willing to guide you. Talk to them.

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Well then i guess i will need to watch youtube tutorials :smiley:


You can open up arua any time and start it again from the menu, but its not needed just play around loose a few ships and you will find your way quickly. Eve is the type of game you can die endlessly and it won’t really matter to much as long as you keep valuable stuff in station.


You could also just start a new character and run the tutorial with that one. It’s a bit worse than resuming it, but it’s better than being lost.

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Chose a station in the overview (top right), right click and chose “dock” and you will be at least docked. There you are secure to search for career agents (F12) which give you ISK, ships, modules and some advice.
And you’re right, Youtube will be your friend for the next weeks :slight_smile:

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That would be a wise decision even if you hadn’t closed the tutorial.
Like others have said, biomass and start anew if you want to go through the tutorial and look up EVE University once you’re through with it, or look up EVE University right away.

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You have 3 character slots on the account, just start another character, do the tutorial with that one, transfer all the crap to the first character using a private contract (with the name of your main character specified as the recipient), and you should be good to go.

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If you use the buddy invitation like one in my signature, you will start with free SP, worth of a week of training. BUt it is not the point. You can not be “fu**ed up” in this game unless you decide so or someone steal your account.

Be carefull with choosing which corp to join as many of them will use you instead of help you. Try to find out, what entertain you most in this game - exploration, ratting or PvP. Than look for the corp , that will teach you in that area. It is also important to pick up the corp, that plays the same time zone as you. But I think if you join pandemic horde all that does not matter - they are huge, so you will never be alone and they do every thing.

Free head start for new comers - 250 000 extra skill points


Head for the career agents: you can learn from them too

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Click people and places and find the Agent you were talking to, add their destination to your route and just navigate back.

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