When the Universe Comes Back

I just started the app, and now I can’t get on. But before the world went blank, I seem to have lost my tutorial avatar and my learning tutorials. How do I get those back, so I can work my way through this at a nice leisurely speed?


For the real ‘Tutorial’ you’ll want to do your Career Agents. Open the NeoComm and you’ll want to find ‘The Agency’. I forget which tab exactly, but you’ll want to look for Career Agents and those will be a much better tutorial for you, as well as getting some ‘free’ ships.

Advanced Military

Military is a nice start before Advanced Military, Exploration stands on its own and Trade / Industry go hand in hand.

You can complete these in any order. Or omit those that you don’t want to look at.

Really the best teacher in EVE is Experience. Remember this rule -

Never fly something you can’t afford to lose.

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I just don’t want to die before I get started. I’m a slow learner, so I like taking my time with things. That very first tutorial had me getting hammered by two attackers with absolutely no idea what to do. Luckily, my shields kept me alive while I struggled to figure out how to shoot back. I’m used to be INSIDE the ship, with my hands on the controls, if you know what I mean.

Let’s just say I want to stay in High Security space until I figure out which way is which. Now, if the servers will just come back online…

Thanks for the reply. One thing I have heard is that the people up here are uber-friendly. You’re a great example of that.

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You mentioned a friend encouraged you to join the game. If they operate in High Sec you will want to join their Corp as soon as you can. Otherwise, in your Neocomm open your Chat Channel… heh. when they work again… and you’ll want to go under Corp and English Recruiting. Chat ‘Should’ be under the Social tab. The Corporation (Guild) you start in is not a real ‘Corp’, it is an NPC Corporation with a high tax rate and the taxes just ‘vanish’ in to the game. A player corp will be able to help you out with ships and learning the ropes as well as giving you a place to sell stuff.

As far as controls, first you need to target ships. Either select them in space or in your List of targets there is a cross hairs or I Left control and click will target it for you. Once you have a lock, you just click on your weapon module. The rookie ship you started with had a civilian weapon and a civilian mining laser.

The modules are next to your capacitor, the circle with lights at the bottom center of your screen. Most ships are far more specialized and you will want to upgrade out of that ship as soon as you can.

The Career Missions will help you with that.


To play this game, you have to accept that you’ll die often, in new and interesting ways… But it doesn’t actually matter as you’re immortal, and will always be reborn at your home base to try again.


How do you know what he will want to do? Aren’t you really just telling him what YOU want to do? What if he never wants to join a corporation? What if his friend’s corporation sucks? What if they DON’T operate in high sec?
Why would you just jump in and start telling him to play the game your way? STOP!

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Open ‘The Agency’ and after the window loads, select ‘Tutorial’ listed on the first page.

The next page will list all the various missions for the tutorial, just click the one that’s unlocked and activate it.

This is the starter tutorial that you were doing when you first started playing the game, when you finish it you’ll then be directed to the Career Agents.

Just don’t use implants until you understand the game a bit and can swap out of them before doing dangerous stuff. If you do that, and don’t wallet warrior, nothing you can possibly lose for a while matters at all, because it can be replaced super easily once you get the hang o things. Hell, a lot of what you can fly will basically be given to you for free by any decent corp helping you out.

Hey Crasius! I like your attitude. It’s definitely worth your while to take your time and learn the game at your own chosen speed. That’s what Eve Online is best for! You’ll enjoy it more the more time you give yourself to learn.

If you have specific questions, please send me a message. I’d love to help out if I can.

Good luck out there, Mr. Aubaris

Thanks, Kenneth! I’ve already learned that the atmosphere up here is fairly friendly. Finally got back online and ran a few more tutorials, and I think I’m picking it up okay. Already got an invite from a corp, but I think it’s still too soon to pick one group or faction.

I’ll take you up on the “specific questions” offer. But I can’t find any PM choice. How do I go about sending a message to any one person?

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If they are in same chat channel or station, just R-click on their character and select ‘send message’.

If not then you can type their name in chat, highlight it, r-click it and select ‘Auto-link’, then select 'character. The name will turn into a link, click it to open their character info box, r-click it and select ‘Send Message’.

I see there are 3 chat “channels” - Local, Corp, and Rookie Help. I take it “Local” is the station I’m currently docked in, and “Rookie Help” is all of us Noobs currently without corps. So to message someone, best bet would be the “Corp” channel if I don’t know where they are?

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Local chat is for the system that you’re currently in. If the character is online and in the system list, just r-click that character and select ‘send message’.

Corp chat is just for the members of your corp, and you’re already in that corp, it’s a NPC owned starter corp. All corp members that are online will be listed, if the character is there, r-click and select ‘send message’.

Rookie help chat is for all new players with 30 days or less time in the game. I believe after 30 days it goes away. The same applies to that as well, if the character is listed there, just r-click on them and select ‘send message’.

Now to send a mail message to somebody who isn’t listed in any of the chat channels, just type their name in any chat box, highlight it, r-click it and select ‘Auto-Link’, then select character. The name you just typed and highlighted will become a clickable link, click it to open that characters info box, then r-click that info box and select ‘send message’.

I honestly don’t know. I am not too impressed with the forum software, but I’ll get notifications here if you just want to ask publicly. Message me in-game (same name) if you’d rather it stay private. I will help a brother out!

It is so exciting to be learning this game for the first time. Write me in game and I can guide you without doing it for you or spoiling the discovery

You’ve only really gotten started after you’ve died a few dozen times. It’s part of the game!

I’ve played in games where the other side camped out right next to re-spawn sites, and every time you respawned, you were immediately wasted. That’s what I was talking about. I don’t mind dying, and I promise to take people with me when I do, but let me figure out howto use my ship first. :sunglasses:

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They will gladly do that to you here in EVE, but the mechanics of high sec and the mechanics of being in an NPC corporation overlap to make that very difficult and/or costly for them to pull off, although not impossible, which is exactly why I get so pissy when people tell newbies to get out of the NPC corp before they know what’s up.
Personally, I would advise you to make friends with people in your NPC corp and try fleeting up with them and flying around for a bit. Some of them will probably backstab you, but that is part of the game, figuring out your fellow capsuleers, their motivations, their methods, their psyche, and another part of the game is figuring yourself out, especially figuring out how to be yourself even under the influence of people with bad intentions.
The second worst mistake you can make in this game is to trust the wrong person.
The absolute worst mistake you can make in this game is to never trust anyone.

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Don’t worry too much about that right at the start. You can get a copy of your starter ship for free at any station with the Board my Corvette button in the menu at the right.

I’m starting to catch on, and have already picked up a few new ships and done some simple mining! Getting my feet wet and haven’t really gotten attacked yet. (Shouldn’t have said that!) and thanks to those who have offered me jobs in their corps. Let me get a little more settled and I’ll start talking to ya!


Well, Kenneth, I’m at the point right now where I figured out how to mine, and I’ve picked up a few ships and some inventory, so I might be ready to talk to someone about “employment.” I’ve got the Venture, Velator, Incursus and Imicus, and have no idea how I need to outfit them or what to use them for. I’m in the Gallante Federation right now, and I’m really not into a combat-themed scenario, so maybe exploration. Also maybe some suggestions as to which corps to look into.

I think I’m about ready to move!

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