When the Universe Comes Back

Also, I got messages from a few of you online, but they disappeared. Any ideas how to keep those so I can go bck to them?

If you’re getting into exploration, then hop into the imicus. Exploration was my main career for years, so I can help you there. I created a popular video series on the subject.

The most critical advice I have for you now is to be careful which corporations you get involved with. Be especially discerning around the corporations who have already approached you offering membership, and promising to do “everything.” If they are willing to take you in without knowing you, or the only thing they know about you is that you are new and unskilled, that’s a red flag. Those experiences can be good, but they also can be very tedious, socially awkward or clique-ish, and overly structured where instead of being allowed to flourish you are inserted into boring mining operations with IRL lamebrains or mission running just to break up the monotony. You don’t know who you’re getting. Or another thing that happens is you’re out exploring and doing your own thing having nothing to do with the corporation, and the corporation to you is just a blinking Corp tab in chat panel consisting of conversations you are not really a part of.

If non aggressive exploration turns out to be your bag, look into Signal Cartel. They’re sweethearts with loving, intelligent, conversational players that won’t treat you like an outsider.

In conclusion, find your own corporation instead of answering recruitment letters. Seek out a corporation that fits your values. This takes longer but is more worthwhile. Ask around! Ask your npc corporation members for a referral to a corporation that is actually dedicated to specific goals you’d like to be a part of. That will ensure you get the most of the corporation you finally join, and they will benefit from your mutual engagement!

To address your general uncertainty about what to do with the extra ships, instead just ask yourself what is it that you want to do? The ships they give you early on are entry points to diverging gameplay styles. One is an attack frigate, the other is exploration, and another still could be for industrial hauling. Any can be used for basic tasks but each has a specialty, which means you need to know what you want to do before you look up which ships do it. Ideally, as a non aggressive capsuleer, your ship choice will he dictated by your desired play style, mixed with the needs of the corporation you choose, should you go forward.

Sorry to speak so generally but hopefully this helps you think about Eve more clearly. In my opinion the individual tasks in this game are mundane or tedious, but the sum of your activity is the reward later. Not through grinding, but through the arrangement of your efforts! So instead of thinking “do i want to mine?” you would think what do i ultimately want to achieve? If mining is a requisite that makes mining rewarding because it serves your goals or the corporation, rather than just mining for the sake of isk and watching Netflix on the side lol. Or another mundane task is jumping jumping jumping. But this becomes part of a larger scheme to you and the excitement returns. Have large goals. Think about the story you want to come away with. This is, afterall, a roleplaying game. Make a good story.

Like Bobby Dylan said, “don’t let other people get your kicks for you!”

Well, if you right click on the ship and select Show Info, you can see the Ship Characteristics and Bonuses it gets on the Traits tab. For instance, the Imicus has the characteristics of Small, Armor, and Exploration, and get’s bonuses to Salvagers, Probe Strength (for scanning down anomalies), and Relic and Data Analyzers (for harvesting stuff from data/relic anomaly sites). The Incursus has the characteristics of Small, Hybrid Turrets, Combat, and Armor and has bonuses to Armor Repairers and Hybrid Turret damage.

As to how to outfit them, really up to you. Might want to use things they get bonuses for though. For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily put Beam Turrets on an Incursus (though you could). There are a number of websites out there with user submitted fitting libraries, like https://www.eveworkbench.com/fitting/ that you just put the ship name in and it spits out a sortable list with overall pricing for everything.
For instance, here’s a starter exploration Imicus fit that will run you about 1 million ISK: https://www.eveworkbench.com/fitting/imicus/8fb42170-315a-4fc4-aab8-08d782625ff8

Should still be in your mail inbox (the envelope icon at the left, or Alt + I ) unless you deleted them, then check the mail trash. I still have mail from like 2010, so they don’t disappear easily.

Yeah, that’s who I would have recommended. They’re strictly non-aggressive. Here’s their website: https://www.signalcartel.com/

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