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New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

****This is a discussion thread so feel free to make comments about what others are saying this isn't just here to post suggestions******* Now that we have a new tutorial time for a new thread about it. Lets set some…

115 June 16, 2019
Buddy invites and rewards from other players

Dear EVE Online players, We appreciate your enthusiasm for our Buddy Program; after all, it is a great way to invite fellow gamers to try EVE Online and we would like to encourage everyone to keep doing so. However, i…

106 June 13, 2019
Resources for the New Citizen!

Greetings Capsuleer and Welcome to the EVE New Citizens Q&A forum section! Please use the #new-citizens sub forum to ask, or answer, questions about the game. Here is some Information that can be useful to start with…

30 May 28, 2019
8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

[image] These are based on Akita T's Golden rules for new players, originally published on the old forums. Be able to afford a loss Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can't afford to lose. Yes…

227 May 9, 2019
What should I do when I spot RMT (Real Money Trading)

Hello Capsuleers! Every so often we’ll see topics like: RMT Topic Subject wrote: EVE 1000 Mil ISK=$12.99 or may see pilots posting something similar within the help channels. We call RMT or Real Money Trading. Thi…

12 April 22, 2018
EVE Flight Academy

EVE Online: Flight Academy is a collection of videos featuring informational and instructional videos on various facets of EVE Online and its gameplay. A collaboration between the EVE Online Development and Customer Su…

3 June 28, 2017
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