Operation Magic School Bus

(Mike Azariah) #1

If you are in the career systems keep an eye on local. I drop in, (Usually 2x a week), and hand out free fitted frigates/destroyers and even the occasional cruiser as appropriate to the location and age of pilot.

This initiative is sponsored by older players who have donate isk and materials to give the new players a hand up.

If you are under 30 days old as a pilot? Speak up before i leave and you will get a ship, wait till I say ‘later gators’ and you will have to wait until next time I pass by.


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Eve's true disease - Goonswarm
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(yellow parasol) #2

He’s the hero no one deserves and he supports new chaps with valueables others give him. like robin hood, but without the stealing, although i’d be cool with that too!

highly regarded and definitely trustworthy.

/me wipes brown nose

eww, damn…

(Zvaigzdune) #3

Reminds me of old eve times, when everyone used to be more supportive towards each other :slight_smile:

(Mu'ad Diib) #4

I’m not rich enough to give away free ships (yet) but, for what it’s worth @Zvaigzdune I try to be helpful to new players and generally.

Don’t give up hope there are still some good guys left in the game trying to play supportively.

(Keno Skir) #5

Can confirm this guy is legit, his fits are good and his ships shiny. Get in there if you see him in local.

(Merias Tylar al-Akhwa) #6

This is actually a pretty awesome thing to do. Have a like from me, OP. Respect.

(Wanda Fayne) #7

Magic Mike!

Doing Bob’s work :upvotepartyparrot:

If you see :bus: rolling though your system, toss some ISKIES on the train for the newbros :gift:

(DeMichael Crimson) #8

Gotta say it’s great to see Mike Azariah’s Magic School Bus operating here in the new forums helping out new players.

Keep up the good work Mike.



(Zvaigzdune) #9

Yes m8, I have a ship to give away for sure, where do I contract it o, is it you ? @Mu’ad Diib

(yellow parasol) #10

No, mate, it’s the OP you need to contract it to. You could also contract it to me, but i’d advise against that. :grin:

(Mike Azariah) #11

As said, above. Contract to mike azariah. simple as that. All donations are welcome but I only pass the hat occasionally as I prefer to give more often than take. Damn that sounds corny.

Put another way? I hate doing fund raising. So I only do it when times push. The other help I ALWAYS welcome is getting the word out there, podcasts, streamers, blogs, graffiti, whatever. The more folks that know about it the better odds they will notice when I pass through._

Oh, and tell the youngsters to watch local now and again (unless they are in Jita)


(Zvaigzdune) #12

Lol, let me check my hangars and ill make a contract, making my out of the wh atm :slight_smile:

(Seagull Steven) #13

The bus is real! Big thanks to Mike for helping me get back into the game.

(Crimson Draufgange) #14

Hey @Mike_Azariah nice poster. Who made it? Also, great work you’re doing. Keep it up!

(Mike Azariah) #15


(Crimson Draufgange) #16

Awesome, thanks!

(McAtlus) #17

Just Dropping in to say hi, and thanks for the new ship Mike.
Keep up the good work.

(Yzf1kr Sarain) #18

Thanx a lot!
Good help for a newby like me, makes the game a bit more fun when you just started.

(Shane Oskold) #19

Thank you for the mining barge blueprint, I appreciate it and look forward to building it.

(Saa i'Lim) #20

It’s a good support (best and only one), so - thank you, guy(s)!