Operation Magic School Bus

(TheGreat Gazoo) #21

Hey Mike . . . just wanted to say ‘thanks’ again for the BPC’s. Allowed me to try my hand at Industry for the first time. Much appreciated!

(tzeenchchamp fate) #22

I know it sounds a scam in chat but it’s real. Dude is awesome, thanks so much Mike. It’s great that you’re helping us new people and one day I hope to do something similar

(Gomutan Logar) #23

At first i tought this must be joke or he will give like a weapon or something but instead he really give me a good ship with insturactions about how to use it, i am glad to meet with him

(Olias Elongur) #24

Thank you very much for the ship Mike, after reading about all the scamming in Eve I was a a bit concerned on my first day but then what did I have to lose I had nothing! … I’m so glad I spoke up. Thanks again, I’ve played a few games but never come across anyone offering such a fantastic service to new players.

(yellow parasol) #25

Man, i tell ya, these scammers are horrible.

let me help ya out, k? send me all your isk and i’ll send you back double! gonna give ya a good start!

(don’t do it)

(Keno Skir) #26

That’s hardly a productive joke in the new player forum on Mike’s thread :wink:

Mike is a dude, new players should flock to him like a futuristic Jesus.

(yellow parasol) #27

jokes are never productive. :slight_smile:

Mike’s awesome. We should follow him around, gank him, sell his corpse to the highest bidder and then give him 100 80% of the earnings. Should make him a buttload.

(Keno Skir) #28

Yes, you will live like a king for years on the income from his hauler full of T1 fit kestrels.

(yellow parasol) #29

Would you mind not ripping two words out of a post, completely screwing up the meaning of what i wrote? :slight_smile:

Gank him, sell his corpse to the highest bidder, give him the money. Hell, he could do that himself, or make a contest with registrationfee out of it. He’s one of the few people i’d trust with money.

(Mike Azariah) #30

You know, that right there is what keeps me honest? Trust given obligates me to be trustworthy because IF I were to cross a line I could never go back and so I am what I say I am and do what I say I will do.


(Keno Skir) #31

Calm down miner, it was a joke about the cost of his ships.

(Boldly Gone) #32

Yeah, making Newbies happy doesn’t have to be very expensive. A one week old will appreciate a 1m dessie. They can’t fly bigger ships at that moment anyway.

(yellow parasol) #33

kid, you really suck at making jokes. :slight_smile:

(Keno Skir) #34

Made joke about cost of ships following that sentence ^ was nothing to do with the ships being useless, just aimed at early players (ie : not Vindicators and Bhaalgorns).


(Bad Breath Angelo) #35

Just a friendly bump to let Newbros know Mike is a stand up guy. Wish he was still on the CSM.

(Mr Veroon) #36

I got a nice Kestrel from Mike :slight_smile: Thank you Mike

(Sister Eli) #37

Thanks for the nicely fitted and rigged frigate today. It was unexpected.

(Mike Azariah) #38

Those who have received lately? You are very welcome and welcome to Eve. Those who write me, having seen local too late? Pay a bit more attention. Once I say later gators and enter warp you have to wait until next time I come through.


(Shane Oskold) #39

Got a lot of mileage out of my procurer that i built using the free BPC from Mike. Free bump.

(Boldly Gone) #40

Gave one of the Vexors I built with Mike’s BPC to a newbie who just happened to lose his very first cruiser. Spreading the good!