Operation Magic School Bus Fundraiser (again)

I hate fund raising and so this is the one time a year that I pass the hat for Operation Magic School Bus

If you do not know what the Bus is? I visit the career systems of all 4 races in the game and give rookie pilots a decent ship to fly, all fitted out. What they get is dependent upon where we are and how old the recipient is. At the end of November it will mark 9 years that the Operation has been in service. I made a joke, a long time ago, that I would keep doing this until I ran out of assets. So by donating you help chain me to the helm of the flying dutchman of a project.

This is not a CSM thing, it is just me. (and you, if you donate) If you decide to donate then you can contract things or send isk to Mike Azariah (in game of course). If you think that I am some sort of scammer? well then don’t. But maybe you could take a moment or two to ask around . . . see if anyone has heard of me and what I do. Google, heck, even Chat gpt.

If you do donate then you have my thanks and the thanks of all the players who have, over the years, received a ship from the Bus.

Thank you,



How much would you like Mike?

All that you otherwise would give Aiko, with a 10 times multiplier for good measure. :wink:

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Beggars cannot be choosers. I ask that nobody impoverish themselves and that newbros do NOT donate as that would be the reverse of what I am trying to do.


One Billion ISK contributed on my behalf and those of my employer.
By His Light and His Will,
Terak Romaller.

Mike: you are one of the good guys in Eve, consistent and helpful. New Eden would be poorer without you.


I am willing to fundraise your CSM campaing good sir. Here, take some billions to invest in t1 frigates.

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This is my donation, I sat inside my hanger for some time and thought to myself that what would really help new pilots in New Eden? I thought that isk is not given away without knowing where more can be earned, and so here is my contribution to your fundraiser. 25 Cats along with the fittings to gank 25 Ventures to help kick start the New Capsuleers career.

I am sure my princess would approve as my impudence training had not yet commenced.

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Couple of Bil sent, keep up the good work mate.


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I’ll send you a hundred frigates of some type later today or tomorrow.

Edit: Contract up. I gave you Tristans this time. I seem to remember them being fun back in my noobie days.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The irony is that when I first started playing some nine years ago, Mike turned up in my starter system and offered a ship. But I had been a smart cookie and had read up on Eve before taking the plunge into the game, so knew this must be one of those dastardly scams with which the game was infested…

Hey ho, have done my best since, when happening to be around in systems when Mike has been making his offers, to encourage new players to take him up on his offers. Of course, if any of them are like me and have researched the scam-fest that is Eve, then I am simply Mike’s pathetic stooge in the hustle… :wink:


For Amarr Glory I sent you some fitted ships. Put them to good use.

And a good stooge you are, at that.

Thank you


Mike does help Capsuleers both new and old.

Good to see miners who dig deep into their pockets like you had shown and leading the way! 07

Is this a tax write off with the SCC?

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wish that it were


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This reminds me of what my wife was doing over in Dungeons & Dragons. Every Halloween she held a “user made event” and gave away prizes for best costume, contests, and hunts.

Why did she?
Because the creators of the game had no clue how to properly do a real Halloween event. She gave out better prizes too. She posted a large prize list to the game forum and made certain her event didn’t clash with the developers event.

She never asked for donations, but ended up with several people sending her so much they over filled her inventory, and she had to leave much of it sit in game mail. She recruited a person who lived in our apartment complex to assist her with contests and handing out prizes. They both would still be doing that today, if the crazy developers didn’t keep removing content and calling it an upgrade.

I tried to get her to play Eve Online, but she is not into science fiction. Her realm is fantasy and she plays Black Desert now. I hope all the generous players contribute more than expected.

I assume you are talking about ISK since we can’t directly trade in Plex? Personally, I will jump online shortly, round up some unused items I need to sell off, and send some ISK your way.

My best wishes in your endeavors. o7


I’ve been donating for a long time (years), just not under this name which was an alt, my main got sold and other toons were put through the mincer.

I just decided I needed a different direction :slight_smile:


Donations are not really my thing as I prefer bills or fines. That ‘s because I don’t want to feel bad about not giving all that I could afford to give.

If that makes sense.


@Iceacid_Frostpacker for trespassing on the forums I charge you with a 15 bil ISK fine that you have to pay to a random charity organization of New Eden. The completely random draw resulted in: Operation Magic School Bus, so you have to pay your fine to that organization. :wink:



I see what you’re doing Uriel

The other week Aiko lists down a long list of bills and fees…etc to the total of 16 billion.

The other day I send 1 billion to Aiko as well you might understand by now only Aiko is my Princess and though just finished t mentioning that Aiko is currently off my Christmas List this year as I may have found a new Space Witch to taunt me.

I see what you’re doing!

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