★ :aura: Guides and 🎁 Giveaways

:aura: Guides

★ Quick guide to EVE Online

★ Gnosis guide (α, PvE, hi-sec)

  • Also useful to show in general how to understand and fit ships, plan tactics for them and how to manage required skills.

:gift: Giveaways

Currently there are no ongoing giveaway.

:rocket: Other

★ Kherub EVEblog

★ Duels channel & Frigate gang vs Primary target public brawl

★ Public Steam community group

:card_file_box: Archive (finished events and giveaways)

★ Rookie kickstart 500K ISK giveaway

★ Public blueprint giveaway

  • Numerous types of BPCs for ships, ammunition and more.

★ Rookies can have Sunesis giveaway

★ Halloween fireworks screenshot contest

★ Kherub Angels 4th anniversary bounty hunt giveaway event (100 mil ISK per kill)

★ Advent Calendar Giveaway Event

★ Rookie starter giveaway

★ Kherub Angels 3rd anniversary 1v1 frigate tournament

★ Random loot drop giveaway

★ Kherub Angels 2nd anniversary small lottery giveaway


Always nice to see players creating guides to help others.

+1 like for you.


Glad to be of service.

On the note of helping out others, we also hold giveaways too, currently only the Rookie Kickstart but once the first branch of BPCs are done in 3-4 days we will also give away single run highly researched ship blueprints for the Algos, Thorax, Stabber, Exequror and later the Scythe plus 25 run Medium Antimatter Charge BPCs as well on a regular basis. Other different giveaways are also planned at later dates every now and then. Probably will make a new forum thread about our giveaways once the Blueprint giveaway starts.


That’s great to hear and I wish you much success and good luck.

There’s nothing better than word of mouth to help spread news. Don’t know if you’re currently doing so but might wanna consider promoting your guide and project by posting small message link in local chat of newbie systems. Doing that along with using these forums and Steam web will definitely exposure your guide to more players as well as help promote your project.

Speaking of more exposure, it’s been brought to my attention that the Dev’s seem to think everyone who browse these forums do so with the intention of seeking out specific thread topics by using ‘Tags’ in the forum search function. I disagree and be that as it may, I suggest you add the ‘guide’ tag to your thread title.


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Good idea and yes I do that sometimes although it is a long journey to get to every starter and career system even in one single empire so I started making some alts (one per empire) to can do that better, more efficiently. Haven’t had enough time to fully do that yet as it is quite random when and how long I can sign in and obviously want to play the game too not just promote our initiative. Once the Blueprint giveaway starts I will finish making the alts and promote in every empire at the same time along with the guide and other giveaways.

I also promote on these forums and on the Steam discussions as well. Maybe elsewhere too if I find a proper place to do so without feeling as spam, I hate spam so that also restricts me from being overly active with the “promotion”.

Though in the end it is indeed word of mouth what can get a long way of letting interested individuals know about these opportunities thus everyone who shares our link in-game and elsewhere helps with that.

Good suggestion, added the tag. Thanks for the support.

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Hey, just wanted to say that as a noob myself i’m really thankful for what you are doing, it’s really nice to get some help at the very begining, just a couple of Ms can make a newbie’s day. With that said, good luck with your… project? and wish you can make some noobs happy. Fly safe newbie’s friend. (Sorry about mistakes and the like, not a native speaker unfortunately T-T)

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As this section of the forum seems the most suitable because the current giveaways are aimed at new players I’ve decided to post about the giveaway in this same thread as it seemed redundant to post a separate thread for it so I’ve altered the opening post (and thread title) accordingly. There was already talk about the giveaways here anyway so it seems the best choice.

@Aguraz_Dupstin Glad to help out fellow capsuleers. I guess we can call it an initiative, an ongoing one at that. Oh and don’t worry, the internet is international so it is natural that not everyone is a native English speaker and mistakes happen either way. As a matter of fact I am not a native English speaker myself either. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just expanded the blueprint giveaway so now even older than 6 months old characters are eligible for (some or all of) the giveaway blueprints (based on character age).

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The initiative is progressing well. Handed out a bunch of blueprints and some kickstart ISK packages as well since my prior post.

In the meantime another set of blueprints finished copying and most of the previous branch is still available as well so have quite a reserve ready to be taken.

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We’ve entered a new calendar month. That means even those can apply for a new set of blueprints who’ve already received a set during August… and of course if you haven’t already received any but would like to, feel free to sign up for the giveaway.

The 500K ISK rookie kickstart is still ongoing as well.

And of course you may find our quick guide useful so also worth a look.

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Recently created an alt for each of the starter corps so through those corp chats I can reach a much wider range of new players even if they are not located in a starter or career system. This will also make posting in local chat of career and starter systems take less time due to reduced travel time thus even more efficient than before.

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Excellent decision. That will definitely help get the word out.

Also you might wanna get in touch with Mike Azariah, he also visits new player starter systems to give out ships.

Keep up the good work and may you have much success.

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Ships and the occasional bpc of the ships, and station containers, now and then, whatever I have packed . . .

If you want to see the Bus fits just ask



@DeMichael_Crimson Good idea, will do.

Now that you mention him I recall reading his post somewhere about his ship giveaway back in my first weeks of my career. Not sure if it was on the forums or in local chat or maybe somewhere else though.

As this new forum is efficient at notifying users when they are mentioned he already dropped in it seems. :slight_smile:

@Mike_Azariah I will send you a message in-game.

Currently I don’t plan a direct ship giveaway (only BPC ones) though that is not out of the question for the future as I am constantly thinking about what new giveaways I could host parallel to the existing ones may them be ongoing ones or just one time giveaways.

Although I rather just give away ships and if anything spare ISK so the player can fit it according to his / her desire, a bit concerned that a pre-fit ship may differ from the style and strategy of the player and thus they will refit them anyway. Do you have any feedback regarding this, is this an issue at all?

I will ask for the fits anyway as pre-fit ship giveaways are not out of the question either and probably also ask other questions as well like what ships of each empire are the most used by new players and such as I’m thinking of acquiring some new ship BPOs to copy and hand out to fill the gap of other racial ships than just the current ones as Alpha players are limited to racial ships so some of them can not take advantage of the giveaway at the moment.

If anyone else has some info regarding these matters don’t hesitate to share here or through EVEmail as any feedback helps to improve this initiative.

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the reasoning behind the school bus is the fitted ship becomes a lesson in and of itself. isk is easily spent and little is learned.

give a man a fish . . .


Agreed, though that isn’t really related to the playstyle and strategy differences between say a kiter and a short range brawler, who obviously require differently fitted ships. Though you did not mention whether you actually ask how they are or wish to be playing the game so maybe you have different fits available to support the individual playstyles, I only saw the fits in your bio so can’t be sure.

Anyway sent you a mail in-game so in case you link the rest of the fits in response could answer that question as there may be a greater variation to support more than one type of approach which I currently am not aware of, which would answer how you handle this concern.

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Good news to all blueprint enthusiasts!

I’ve recently bought a set of fully researched (10ME/20TE) ship BPOs for the following ships: Coercer, Omen, Maller, Corax, Caracal, Moa, Thrasher, Stabber, Rupture, Algos, Thorax, Vexor. This covers one destroyer and two cruisers per race. With my twelve fairly new alts I’ve already started copying all of them and the first branch of around dozen BPCs each are already out and there are more to come.

(Careful readers may notice that I’ve included the Algos, Thorax and Stabber in the above list, despite I’ve already had a not fully but highly researched BPO of them. To avoid putting some capsuleers even at a slight disadvantage I’ve bought a fully researched BPO for these ships as well.)

So from now on, regardless what race a player chooses, even as an alpha, every capsuleer should be able to find a suitable ship BPC to choose in this giveaway, of the highest quality possible.

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Wow, that’s definitely great for new players. I hope your project is being well received by new players in the starter systems. Don’t be dismayed if it takes a little time for word of mouth to spread.

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Collected blueprints for a week long copying job some hours ago that resulted in around 85 of each cruiser and around 115 of each destroyer as I recall and started a new one that will last an entire month and will result in hundreds of each, so plenty of blueprints available to be taken in the giveaway.

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The public blueprint giveaway rules have changed as follows:

★ Intermediate players are now eligible for two ammo and two ship blueprints per calendar month instead of just one of each.

★ Veteran players are now eligible for an ammo blueprint per calendar month in opposition with the past when they were not eligible for ammo blueprints.

New types of ammo blueprints coming in a month:

★ Fully researched 25 runs Small Fusion ammo (10 ME / 20 TE, 25 runs = 2500 Fusion S)

★ Fully researched 25 runs Cap Booster 400 (10 ME / 20 TE, 25 runs = 250 Cap Booster 400)

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