I'm new and in need for advice :)

Greetings fellow capsuleers!

I know that resources online about this game are plentiful but I figured that some starting advice from veteran can come in handy too. I’d really appreciate some starting tips and also wonder if a casual like me can play eve. I found this game from an ad online and it interest me, I’ve made an Amaar character (alpha) but I’d like to spend some time researching before jumping in blindly, I’m just weird like that :smile:

Thank you!

See you all in New Eden!

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If you haven’t already, do the tutorial and all the career agents. That will give you a reasonably good starting knowledge and may indicate what playstyle you want to pursue. Having said that it’s a good idea to do many activities so that you don’t get bored doing the same thing all of the time.

The career agents will also give you skills, isk, ships, modules … so they are well worth doing. If you want you can also repeat them at another system (at least twice more I think).

At this point you will have a much better idea of what specific questions to ask :slight_smile:

Lastly, you can have plenty of fun as an alpha, when you have a set playstyle and training needs that is the time to consider going omega IMO.


Hey there, welcome to Eve Online!

As Yberta said the tutorial and the career agents are a great place to start. As you go through the career agents try to get a feel for the wide variety of gameplay available to you. If you find a thing you really enjoy, go do it! Eve gives you a ton of control over how you choose to enjoy the game.

If you’d like to find some others to fly with, check out the recruitment channel in-game. There are a ton of corporations that are happy to take alpha characters.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty more advice here as well - look forward to seeing you in space!


the transition between tutorial and careeragents are just bad and players often dont get it… also the next step into soe epic arc

there are every day questions about with agent should i do because players think they choose a profession with them, ever day player struggle to find the sensor overlay and every day other just point them to the probe scanner window, every day player dont understand how to acan with probes, not getting there proof of discovery anomalies with a salvager… the ingame tutorial vids are gone without any notice in the ptachnotes…

if you have any influence on ccp bringt them to the point where they realy start overhauling the whole starting prozess into eve… give the players a nice story, a guideline trugh the missions, there was a promise from ccp ghost years ago to overhaule the “NPE” its now the 5, itteration of the tutorial but the carreeragents ans epic arc who alle new player struggle with is the same since 10 years… they got problems with hauling modules arround and sterack them together after production, they allways struggle with the shuttles they have to produce and bring back to the agents (and repackage and stack or have a indu for ther job) they allways struggle or fail with killing dagan… the given ships arent the right for the jobs they dont have propper fittings…

its just still a mess all togehter und after years in german helpchat and linking the more anr more outdated schildwall carreeragent website and magic 14 and how to scan with probes and noobfits i am tied

and angry… sure ccp dont pay for “the job” but also is not improving it as promised years ago and new players as valuable they are for the game are just left alone after first hour (and even fitting mining laser and finding veldspar is a problem every day)

its not funny anymore in no ways

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  1. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
  2. Treat ships like ammo

Welcome to EvE!
You have already made the good decision to be blessed Amarr!
Ok…functionally all the Empires starting characters are roughly the same gamewise, and none of them really have an advantage in the game over the others…but Amarr are coolest.

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my first advice: join a corp! this is a mmo.
no epic quest here, find your place, your play style etc
joining a corp will provide you friends, advices, fits, aims, objectives, enemies, tasks, etc

you can start with eve-uni, or another newbie-friendly corp

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As others have said, do the tutorial, the career agents, and the Sisters of Eve Epic arc. They’ll teach you several fundamental skills, and put a little money in your pocket.

Past that, and you’re going to hit one of Eve’s shortcomings. Eve offers a large diversity of activities and playstyles to get into, but doesn’t do the best job of telling you what they are all or how to get into them. Things have gotten better (thanks to things like the Agency), but it’s still all to easy for new players to wind up doing things like mining or mission running. Nothing against those that enjoy those activities, but many don’t consider them representative of the best that Eve has to offer (nor are they very profitable for a newbro).

This is one of the reasons I suggest joining a newbro friendly organization. They won’t expose you to every playstyle and activity, but they’ll still offer plenty of opportunities. Depending on the organization, they might have classes, practicals, articles, PvE fleets, and a bunch of helpful vets willing to share their knowledge with you. Moreover, they often provide other resources to help you get started, such as skill books and ships.

Some of the biggest and most well regarded new player organizations include: (1) Eve University, (2) Pandemic Horde, and (3) Brave Newbies.

Oh, and finally, don’t be afraid to lose ships. Don’t think you need more skills or better ships before you can PvP, move to nullsec, or whatever. If something interests you, dive in. You’ll learn and get better. Just don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.


Greetings! the current replies give you an idea of the game , but eve is a game that y never stop learning. If y need to ask something feel free to mail me.

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Thank you everyone for all the advice! They’re very helpful and I think I’ll enjoy my stay here :slight_smile:

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