★ Advent Calendar Giveaway Event :christmasparrot:

Advent Calendar Giveaway Event

★ About

During the final weeks of the year as a form of in-game Advent Calendar four Audit Log Secure Containers will be anchored in Empire Space, one for each hi-sec empire. These containers will be filled with a set of giveaway items, all locked, thus visible but can not be taken.

Once the specific dates are reached the corresponding item(s) will be unlocked for that specific day, making them available for taking, similar to how Advent Calendars work.

:left_speech_bubble: Who is it for?

This giveaway is primarily for new and intermediate players, but some of the items might be tempting for even veterans as well.

If you don’t find any of the giveaway items worth it (but even if you do) you can let others know about the event, maybe they would be interested in participating.

:left_speech_bubble: When will items be unlocked?

As I am from Europe I’m most often online during EU TZ so giveaway items mostly will be unlocked during that time period at random times but I will try to do so at as variable times as I can including other time zones if possible.

:left_speech_bubble: You can partake in the gifting too if you want

If you feel like handing out stuff too feel free to put items in the container as well if want to give away something so others can find it afterwards.

(Note: Items placed in the container will by unlocked by default thus anyone can take them at any time, only the daily giveaway items for the Advent Calendar will be locked until their specific days are met.)

:left_speech_bubble: You can help spread the word

Feel free to let others know about the event so more people are aware of it and can decide if they want to participate.

You can share the opportunity with your friends, corp mates, random strangers or even your enemies, it is gifting holidays time after all. :christmasparrot:

:left_speech_bubble: You can tell us your story too

Also feel free to share us if you found something useful in the container… maybe even right before someone else arrived to it. :smiling_imp: :christmas_tree:

★ Schedule

Dates are according to EVE (server) time.

Date Note Giveaway item(s)
Nov. 29. Sunday 25 PLEX
Nov. 30. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 1. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 2. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 3. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 4. Sunesis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 5. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 6. Sunday 25 PLEX
Dec. 7. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 8. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 9. Sunesis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 10. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 11. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 12. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 13. Sunday Praxis & SKIN crate
Dec. 14. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 15. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 16. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 17. Sunesis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 18. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 19. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 20. Sunday Gila blueprint
Dec. 21. Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 22. Apotheosis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 23. Sunesis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 24. Gnosis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX
Dec. 25. Xmas Gila blueprint

★ Giveaway items

Gila blueprint 2x per location 8x total
Praxis & SKIN crate 1x per location 4x total
25 PLEX 2x per location 8x total
Gnosis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX 1x per location 4x total
Sunesis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX 4x per location 16x total
Apotheosis & SKIN crate + 5 PLEX 1x per location 4x total
Festival Fireworks crate + 5 PLEX 16x per location 64x total

(A grand total of 640 PLEX :credit_card: across all locations.)

Plus myself and/or other people might throw in some additional stuff as well every now and then, though no guarantees.

All the crates are 4 m³ in size so even a corvette class rookie ship can carry them, though it is advised not to do such a thing and instead best to haul them in a well tanked ship or at least a quick aligning fast one but preferably both.

It is advised to drop off the items in a safe NPC station as soon as possible and to avoid trade hubs and other such risky systems if possible while hauling them.

The PLEX can (and recommended to) be moved to the PLEX Vault immediately upon being acquired (which can be done even while in space) to ensure its safety.

Fireworks are fun, if you get the festival crate try them out instead of just selling them for a few ISKies as they are worth very little and that is why PLEX is also part of those days’ gift items to provide some monetary benefits as well so you can use the fireworks yourself instead.

★ Locations

At the Sun of each solar system at 0 km warp-in point.

Emblem Empire System Sec Region Character Note
Amarr Irnin 0.7 Domain Plutonia Davaham
Minmatar Abudban 0.7 Heimatar Roughneck Bloodgulch Ice belt system
Gallente Abenync 0.7 Sinq Laison Uriel the Flame
Caldari Akiainavas 0.7 Lonetrek Shala Dell Career agent system

:warning: Make sure to check that the container belongs to the Kherun Angels corporation and is owned by the corresponding character stated in the above list to confirm the credibility of the container.

All four containers are named: Advent Calendar Giveaway

Quick facts about the containers:

  • Do NOT require a password to be opened.
  • Placed items are NOT locked, thus anything someone places in them will be UNLOCKED by default (thus can be taken by anyone).
  • Items can NOT be locked (except by the owner).

★ Guides and giveaways

Check out our giveaways and guides at:


So for each of those days you listed, will there will be a can at one of those 4 locations or will there be a can at each of those 4 locations with the content’s of the cans changed for that day?

There will be a container at each four locations and every day the same reward in each (all four) location will be unlocked.

Basically every empire area will have its own location so people don’t have to travel too far and to grant more people an opportunity to grab something if lucky.

Edit: So each location will have a full set of giveaway items and each day all four of them will have the daily reward(s) unlocked (at all four locations).

Well that’s cool you’re doing that.

But how do you keep somebody from going around and collecting all the loot?

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No plan for now to prevent that, if someone takes a full circle around all empires just to grab all four of the loot and nobody else comes along during that time then I see no issue with it, though that said I can unlock them at different times if needed.

According to current plans I will unlock them at around the same time (it takes time to switch alts ofc so not at the exact same time but close) and will NOT announce when it happens here or anywhere else, thus they have to be lucky in the first place to find something in one of the containers and will take time to get to the other ones.

But will think about it as this is a valid concern and more randomness is not a problem to achieve and can just spice up the event even more, so in the end might just unlock them at different times on the same day as well to prevent quick grabs of all four rewards… or at least do so in case of the more valuable giveaway items at the least. Will see.

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One month closer. :spiral_calendar:

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So all containers will have their contents changed and unlocked everyday?
Edit: Are you really gonna give out a whole praxis?

Contents will be the same (all gifts will be placed in them at the beginning) and the daily gift(s) will be unlocked each day.

(So unless someone else puts additional items in it to give away the contents will not change.)

Okok. You haven’t decided on the location yet?

Will wait next month to see if CCP messes up New Eden with some additional trigvasion or EDENCOM or some other content that could interfere with the accessibility of systems.

I want every system where I anchor such a container to be fully accessible by both kybernauts and their edencom equivalents to grant as many people an opportunity to participate in the giveaway as possible without anything preventing them to do so may it be trig, edencom or some other new type of hazard.

Basically with a proper ship and knowhow even a faction criminal of the local empire can participate in the giveaway just have to grab the stuff and warp off fast enough not to be popped by facpol. Technically even perma criminals should be able to pull it off. Of course other players might be a different issue (including war targets) but that is part of EVE and technically that might still not mean one can not grab the loot and escape fast enough.

So will make a decision sometimes the first two weeks of November to make as sure as possible nothing will appear that could prevent people from accessing the containers.

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Yes also Gila blueprints as well and the funfact is the whole praxis and the skin only takes up 4 m³ in your cargo hold. :smiley:

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How does a praxis only take up 4m3?

Look up the item in-game and see or visit the website I’ve linked above. It is a gift crate from an earlier event or login reward campaign that people sell on the market as well thus it has this small size so people can easily move around these gift boxes as they please. It is not a regular item thus it has unusual stats.

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The opening post has been updated with the location of the giveaway containers and some additional details about them.

Note that recently they all have been placed and the giveaway items were added to them as well so anyone who wishes so can check them out (before the actual event starts when the items will be unlocked on the specified days).

Good luck to everyone and happy holidays in advance! o/

Also feel free to spread the word about the giveaway event so the more people can partake in it.

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Sounds like a kind plan for newcomers!
Do you have any plan of doing some “Magic School bus” event like mike did before?(or just passing by and telling the news sounds good enough)
Also do you plan on accepting donation?

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I had other giveaways in the past and sometimes promote my guides and giveaways in career and starter systems but usually have no time for that. Though have an alt for every starter npc corp to can promote my stuff in their corp chats which I sometimes do and will do much more the following weeks as time permits.

My ongoing giveaway is a blueprint giveaway though people have to send a request with the list of blueprints they require instead of going to career and starter systems and offer them there but as mentioned above not long ago had a giveaway similar that of Mike’s, you can read about it here:

I accept donations but if it is only a smaller amount it is better if you keep it in case you need it to replace your ship or something but if you can spare it without financial risk but small amount then it is best if you donate it to some random new players who you meet. No rush just if you see someone new send a convo and ask about their experience, how it goes, try to confirm they are actually new not just a veteran’s alt and if you feel comfortable then send them the amount you feel appropriate. Basically that is how I gave away the Sunesis destroyers and other stuff in the above linked finished giveaway.

By the way new players although many decline the convo the ones accepting usually very much appreciate even just a bit of talk as they no longer feel alone in the darkness of space, so always worth dropping a convo it might help even if you don’t actually give them anything they might still appreciate it.

If you can spare at least a 100 mil or more then feel free to transfer it to my character (NOT the corp though techinally that also works for ISK donations) and preferably drop a mail too if not a problem and I will transfer it to a separate corp wallet dedicated to donations which I’ve created sometime ago when someone donated 5 bil when he quit EVE so I have a separate wallet division to keep track of it completely apart of my other transactions including my own expenditures on giveaways (the current advent calendar giveaway was entirely financed by me for example did not use even a single ISK from the 5 bil donation on this).

If you do, only donate if sending the ISK is not going to cause you issues noth the short term and the long run, the goal is not to give away something you can’t afford to but to give away something that you can spare.

You can also donate items but that case make sure you only contract them to me personally as if you contract to my corp any corp member can accept it and as it is an open corp I have no control over the other members except the ones that are my alts so that way your donation can be lost so only contract to me personally if you donate items.

If you have any questions or unsure about what to donate (if items) or whatever else just drop me an EVEmail and we can sort out the details together.

And of course, regardless if you donate in the end or not thanks for the offer and consideration.

Also keep in mind spreading the word about the giveaway and maybe also about our guides and other giveaway is also great help both for our initiative and for those who can benefit from them as well so even without donating it can be great help if you mention them to people who might be interested. I link below the primary thread that you can share in general:

Or can link this very thread if you want to share this specific giveaway.

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Getting closer (one week and two days left until it begins on next Sunday).

Promotion is ongoing on most days in every npc starter corp chats, local chats at trade hubs and elsewhere and some other channels as well.

Everyone feel free to spread the word around so the more people can partake in the giveaway event.

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it hasn’t been unlocked?

So not necessarily at the first hours of the day but that also is a possibility.