[finished] Rookie starter giveaway

Thanks to @brice_kinney who donated the following to be given away

  • Antipharmakon Thureo (booster) x5 which after getting approval from donator were sold for 62 mil ISK (rounded up a bit and paid the tax myself)
  • Standard Cerebral Accelerator x3 plus added 1x of my own I had in store for a giveaway like this so 4x total
  • Sunesis x5 plus added x7 of my own so 12x in total
  • 20 mil ISK + 62 mil ISK = 82 mil ISK plus added 78 mil ISK of my own so 160 mil ISK total

there will be a giveaway aimed at rookies and as such will take place in every single starter system in New Eden. To make this possible and to aid the giveaway in general I’ve added my own contribution to the giveaway pool as noted above.

I will fly one Sunesis (equipped with shield tank) to each of the starter systems and give it away along with 10 mil ISK so the recipient can fit it. As the Sunesis requires minimal to no training to fly this should be a good starter for a new pilot along with a potential fit to consdier linked below.

Note that if no suitable candidate is found or show interest in the starter system I might hop to the corresponding nearby career system (which are always a few jumps away from the starter systems) and give the Sunesis away there.

Also I will give away one Standard Cerebral Accelerator and 10 mil ISK in each empire region (at one of the starter systems each empire) in a similar way as the Sunesis (but not to the same person), preferably to a recently registered pilot so the benefits will persist longer (the booster stops functioning after the capsuleer is 35 days old so the sooner it is consumed the longer it will grant its effects thus the more benefits it provides). This accelerated training and improved combat abilities along with the ISK is also a good starter for a rookie.

Below is the list of starter systems and the related progress:

  • Amarr - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (booster+ISK)
    • Chaven - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Sehmy - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Emrayur - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
  • Caldari - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (booster+ISK)
    • Kisogo - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Todaki - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Amsen - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
  • Gallente - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (booster+ISK)
    • Duripant - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Bourynes - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Cistuvaert - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
  • Minmatar - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (booster+ISK)
    • Ammold - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Ryddinjorn - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)
    • Hulm - :white_check_mark: Giveaway contract accepted (Sunesis+ISK)

The giveaway will be carried out the following week or two and I will keep this thread updated as needed on the progress.

Again thanks to @brice_kinney who generously donated for the benefit of rookie players.

For reference and as proof, below attached a picture cut together from the related contract history, one of each type of contract and a sample of both types of EVEmail templates that were sent out.


Nice, definitely a good jump start for new players.

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Just got picked for the giveaway and would like to extend my gratitude. Thank you very much if there is anything i could help with in the future please contact me. I will put these items to good use.


:white_check_mark: The giveaway is complete, all 16 (12+4) giveaway contracts have been accepted by the recipients.

Updated OP accordingly and also attached a picture showcasing the end results as proof and reference.

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