WTB Discount Sunesis (and Sunesis Crates) for Rookie Giveaway

Looking to buy:


for discounted price for future giveaway aimed at rookies.

It will be similar to an earlier giveaway (linked below) but preferably larger scale.

If you feel like supporting the giveaway by supplying them cheap or even as free donation or in general don’t mind selling for a discounted price then just drop me an EVEmail with your offer and the amount you can sell at that price.

:warning: If you decide to donate through a contract make sure you contract to me personally NOT my corp as anyone in the corporation can accept corp contracts and as we are an open corp the donation might be taken by someone else so to ensure it goes where it should if you donate then contract to Uriel the Flame

I am open to mass offers of hundreds but only a few or few dozen is also fine as every single one counts so feel free to contact me no matter how many you have to offer.

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Still looking to buy.

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