Giveaway for rookies and helpful veterans!

Hello fellow capsuleers!

I have come to the decision recently, that I want to start giving back to the EvE community.
For the next 6 months, Every week, starting next week Feb 18th, I will be giving 1 Month of Omega time to 4 newer players!
You can only win Once. Rules do apply.

First, you must be above 3.5 million skillpoints, but below 5 million.
Upload a screenshot to this thread. Please feel free to cover Any and All sensitive information. Nobody should be using this to get intel on people.
Second, I have at least 1 alt in Rookie Chat every day, all day. I will be paying attention for the names that apply for this Giveaway. If you’re not in rookie chat, or are a jerk, or otherwise give yourself away as an alt, You are disqualified.

This works primarily on honor. If you’re a veteran player, please don’t be making or using alpha alts to get omega from me. I will be looking at corp history, killmails, and how you act in rookie chat.
I know some people get off on scamming others, but please do not do that here. I want to help newer players experience eve in its fullest glory.

**For VETERAN players, starting the same day as above, every week for the next 6 months, I will be giving away 4 Large Skill Injectors. **
You can only win Once per Month. Rules do apply.

We need your experience and great attitude in rookie chat! To win, You must apply here with some of your golden advice for newer players. I will take that advice to another thread dedicated to helping new players. You may Enter for this drawing as many times as you want, but are required to provide 1 post with good advice per entry.
You must ALSO be in rookie chat helping newer players. If I see you being mean, you’ll be disqualified.
Every Wednesday, I will put all entries that meet the above qualifications into a bowl and draw at random. I will post on youtube and link here.
I will contract it to you by thursday. Sell it or use it, either way, it is my reward to you for being of service to the new players.

At the end of 6 months, if we get enough participation and positive interaction, I will gift to one randomly drawn poster from this thread, 1 year of omega time.
Just don’t ■■■■ post.
At that point, if I feel it’s been successful, I will decide whether or not to extend this another 6 months.

At the end of the day, this community has been a great place, in my opinion. There will always be some negativity, but I think even they mean well. Sarcasm doesn’t necessarily translate well over text.
I’ve only been here 3 years, and I still remember how overwhelming it was when I first started. I came from WoW, where it is very user friendly, and they pretty much give you everything on a silver platter.
This game has a different atmosphere and community, and I love the complexity. So here’s to you all!


Reserved for Alpha Winners

Reserved for Veteran Winners

FYI you can directly gift subscription time through the in-game store.

Must’ve not done any high-end raiding I’m guessing…

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Even better! thank you!

I capped out on heroic raiding and mythic 15’s.

I don’t want to be entered to win anything but I do want to say good on you for helping out the new players. There is a lot of bitterness that seems to surface in the community but it’s moves like this one that restore my faith in the players of Eve.


Good on you!
I approve that message :+1:

I don’t qualify because I’m too new but I’m happy for whoever wins! :hugs:

Is there? I hadn’t noticed :sweat_smile:

It feels nice to know there are people like you out there, Clary.

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Making this announcement in EVE-O General Discussion all but guarantees you will see nothing but alts pretending to be noobs. New players know better than to go into the forum of a game with a reputation like this game has.

If it was me, I’d have said nothing and just scanned rookie chat and added potentials to a list to be drawn from each week.

But whatever vOv. You do you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I considered that.
I am hoping that the requirements to be active in rookie chat outweigh the possible free omega to alts.
I’ll try to narrow it down by looking at corp history and killmails. Hopefully that’ll help identify the alts.
In the end, it comes down to real personal integrity and honor. How we act in game doesn’t necessarily translate to actual morals or integrity.
I hope.

Good luck with this! If it helps more veterans to be in rookie chat answering questions, that would be nice! :grin:

As you have an alt in rookie chat all day, I’m windering, are there times of the day the rookie chat is less, or more helpful than others?

I often sit in rookie chat answering questions (on an alt) during EU time, and notice the quality isn’t always the same.


I been in rookie as myself or an alt and it has its less than rookie helpful times.


Lol yeah right.

Double your isk too

So 1.5m sp are wasted? What is the purpose of that?

Okay, so here’s my advice for rookies, for what it’s worth.

A) Chat to people when you’re playing.
Chat in local if you like, or on Rookie chat or in a dozen or so alternative places to hang out but keep chatting (if you’re looking for pointers, feel free to send me an in-game email and I’ll send you some links).

On a fundamental level, EVE is about connections and communications. There’s no manual as such. Sure, you can find a million guides on the interweb telling you the ‘right’ way¹ to play EVE, many of which will completely contradict themselves, but ultimately it’s about your enjoyment. If you’re enjoying what you do then keep doing it, if not then do something else.

B) Never fly what you can’t afford to lose.
This is an absolute truth insofar as you need to balance off the risks every time you undock . What this means in effect is conducting a simple risk assessment beforehand - checking who is in local, looking at intel - there are loads of ways to do it. Stay frosty and you’ll stay alive.

It’s not quite that simple however. The reality is that no one really wants to lose their ship but it will definitely happen, inevitably to everyone sooner or later. The key is to make sure that the loss doesn’t entirely wipe you out, whilst at the same time taking some calculated risks that will make you richer.

The correct aphorism therefore should be:

Never fly what you can’t afford to lose, unless the risk of doing this is worth taking because it’ll make you a lot richer, in which case do do it but be very, very careful and realise that if do you screw up and lose the ship it’s largely going to be your own fault and that hopefully you’ll learn something from this experience which will, in the long run, make you a better pilot.

No one says all that though of course because it’s too long.

C) Find people who play like you do and stick with them.
It is entirely possible to play EVE as a solo player in an NPC corporation. There’s nothing wrong with this and as I said in (A) if you’re enjoying what you do that must be the deciding factor. Having said this, knowing other people will help you a lot in EVE.

When I first started playing some 13 years ago there were pilots I met who helped me and taught me some really cool stuff. They let me run missions with them, they taught me how to mine, and they gave me stuff, sometime when I’d lost it for my own damn foolishness. They were patient and kind and helpful. It helped me a lot and it’s these kind of pilots that you need to find. They really do exist.

Sure you’ll meet people, a lot of people, who’ll want to rip you off and kill you. Look for the people who’ll help you along the way though and you may even find some of them becoming long term friends and allies.

An easy way to do this is to find a corp that matches your playing style, your aspirations and so on. If you don’t do this it’s fine but add good people to your contact list as you find them so that if you’re not in a corp you at least have a list of good people who you can rely on.

And if you do get helped by other pilots, remember this experience, and then, when you can and when you are able to, help others in the same way.


1 - There is no right way to play Eve. If you’re enjoying what you do, then that’s the right way. Ignore the haters because EVE is so vast and so huge that you will consistently encounter people who will tell you you’re wrong. They’re wrong. Find others who play the way you do and it’s all good.

Personally I’m mostly a miner. I do other stuff from time to time - PvE, PI, industrial stuff, exploration, hauling - but I like what I do and I enjoy it, most of the time.

I don’t really do PvP. There are those who will tell you that miners are carebear filth and that PvP is really what EVE is about. There are those who will say that what it’s really about is factional warfare. Some will say that it’s really about exploration and running down PvE sites. And some will say it’s all about massive space battles.

They’re not wrong. Any of them. But neither am I.

EVE is about what you want to do. Whatever that is and however you do it, if you keep looking you’ll probably find, sooner or later, someone or even several pilots who like to do that too.

Stick with it. You’ll make it.


How exactly are they wasted?

He is just making sure that its people who are likely to fall in to the group of “I’m not going to ragequit but i probably haven’t subbed by now”

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I play for fun
PvP anything else in-between PvE and the fun of being in space - at least in my head - and flying past all those beautiful celestial bodies is a real treat on top of the excitement of knowing that my ship may go BOOM at any moment for any reason.
Plus the ability of playing 3 different characters on the same Omega account is just fantastic.

YES it’s not perfect. Tell me that you’ve found Perfection someplace and I’ll tell you you’re a liar.


Because thats spending 1.5m SP that otherwise could be gained for free.

But then if they are gifting an injector, then you can just hold off injecting till youve free-trained up to 5m.

Ok sorry didnt think it through.

I am gifting 1 month of omega to new players so they can see all the possibilities within eve that they’re locked from as an alpha.
Whether they choose to remain omega after that month is their choice. I hope it’s enough to keep them omega long term.
I am gifting the injectors to veterans that display the positive qualities and actions I feel we need more of.

Please feel free to refer anyone and everyone back to this thread so they can participate.

Excellent advice!
You are the first entry, pending some activity in rookie chat.
I thank you for your service!


Alright, here’s some advice for rookies:

Ships are tools, try to use the right tool for the job. Rightclick a ship to see the ship bonuses to find out what a ship is intended for.

Does your ship have mining bonuses and an ore hold? It’s probably the Venture and perfect for mining.
Does your ship have bonuses for probe scanning strength and hacking? Pick this tool for exploration.
Does the ship have a lot of gun bonuses? Pick this ship to fight.
Does it have remote repair bonuses? Use this ship if you want to keep your friends alive.

No ship can do it all. Try to match the right ship for the right job! Once you’ve found the right ship, try to fit corresponding modules to these bonuses (missiles on a missile boat, mining lasers on a mining ship, etc. But I’ll leave the fitting advice to another post.

As an EVE player, your hangar will eventually be filled with different ships, one (or multiple) for every activity you enjoy doing. Don’t stick to one ship!