A warning for all Alpha players who redeemed the 7 day Omega

Just a warning for anyone who redeemed the 7 day Omega and haven’t run out yet. When the Omega expires, you will be disconnected from the game. I lost a Venture in low sec because of this. Not really a big deal but it was fully kitted with T2 mods. Hope no one loses anything good because of this.

bummer, did you receive a notification in the notification queue in bottom right telling you the expiry time?

This doesn’t sound right to me, recommend contacting support to review ship reimbursement and confirm disconnect is expected, or just happened to have a disconnect issue on the same day your Omega expires.

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Maybe they give 1.

1 tritanium

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No this is incorrect. You just revert back to alpha and go about your day.

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There is nothing in my Notification about my Omega expiring, just the kill report.

Kill Report?
So someone blew you up?


This is factually incorrect.

When you run out of Omega time you simply revert back to alpha. You don’t randomly explode.

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Could be a good incentinve for people to stay Omega though and in alignment with EVE’s lore and theme. I wonder if CCP is now considering of implementing this feature. :thinking: :smirk: :psyccp: :smiling_imp:


I redeemed to an ALT who was AFK just 2x skill training. The thing I noticed right away was, I couldn’t tell what skill levels were omega capped. I ended up doing screen shots of JC’s skills and applying them to the ALT. I wasn’t going to train skills that wouldn’t be used as an alpha.

I am not against people subbing omega, but issues do abound when there are no warning labels.

BTW Happy Thanksgiving to the US players and those who are stuffing turkey. o7

The thing I miss out on when keeping months of omega on this pilot is the use of the daily alpha 50 injection right before resubmitting back to omega later in the day!

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